Trip to Orlando – Day 9

We all wake up slowly and get ready for the day. There’s not a lot left in our room as our cases were packed the night before, but we pack up our carry on bags and head to breakfast. Our waiter had told us that if we were later than 7.15, then we would need to go up to Beach Blanket Buffet as Triton’s would be closed, but we get there just in time. I think heading up to BBB whenever you fancy probably gains you an extra couple of hours in bed actually. They have a full breakfast menu, but we are really ready for some simpler food and pretty much just order cereal. The people at the table next to us, tell us it will be really busy leaving the ship, loads of queues and hassle, but we decide to go for it. As it turns out, we walk straight off, no queues at all. Immigration and Customs is very straightforward and we collect our cases and pick up our car easily. We are back in the car for 8am, the sun is shining and we are heading to Disneyworld. It’s not a bad morning.

We drove back to the Boardwalk fairly easily, nothing much to report. Phil didn’t get lost, the kids did argue, it was a pretty standard trip. We pulled into the Boardwalk and debated a bit about what to do for the day. We knew we wouldn’t have a room, and we had 100s of cases, bags, bottles of water. I didn’t really feel like it could be left with bell services in it’s current state. So we decide to leave everything in the car for the time being.

We checked in at 9.15, and as expected, our room wasn’t ready. I thought it was kind of early to ring my friends, so we asked the Cm to leave them a message saying we had arrived and for them to give us a ring, and then we headed back out to the Loop. The plan was to do a little shopping. Unfortunately, when we arrived at The Loop everything was closed, something things until 10 but most things didn’t open until noon. We had a coffee in Barnies and waited for Sports Authority to open, and then went in to look for some skating pants for the girls. They had some tracksuits which we spent a while trying on, but they didn’t look very nice, so in the end we bought nothing.

I kept checking my phone but I couldn’t get a signal anywhere, eventually as we drove over to Old Navy I realised that there was no network connected. I’ve never had to set a network before, but I had to go into the settings and tell it to select a new network and the phone sprang into life, along with 3 text messages from Dave & Bev asking where we were. Apparently they were searching the Boardwalk for us. Old Navy was still closed, so we quickly drove back to the Boardwalk and found our friends by the pool.

The kids jumped in, and continued chatting and playing as if they had never been apart. We met Dave, Bev, Nicola and James at a Dis meet (preDibb days), James and Katie were 4, Nicola was 6 and there was no Molly. It’s always good to catch up with them.

We swim for quite a few hours, and I keep checking if our room is ready, but it’s not available. Eventually we all go to Dave and Bev’s room to get changed, and then we walk around to the Dolphin for some lunch. We eat at the Fountain which is an ice cream parlour. I have no idea what we ate, but I remember it was $50 and we had meals and dessert afterwards. I had a hot fudge sundae, the smallest one they do which was a one scoop and it was pretty big.


Bev & Nicola ask for a cup of soft serve and they get the largest ice cream sundae glass, full of soft serve ice cream, it’s enormous!


After lunch it’s 4pm and we manage to get our room number – 2003. This is almost directly above room last trip 1001. It’s also right at the end of the very same, very long corridor as last year. As we walk along we notice that they are redecorating our corridor, the older sections are much paler, and our section has new bright carpets and new stripey wallpaper. The kids go off with James and Nicola to wander around the Boardwalk, and Phil and I have a nap.


Meetf friends

We unpack a little bit and make ourselves at home. Dave & Bev came along to check out our room, and we spend some time trying to decide what has been refurbished in our room and what hasn’t, it definitely feels different to the last trip, but we haven’t got a flat screen telly so we decide it’s not been completely refurbished. In the end, being a geek, I pull out my laptop and check the photos. This room has been repainted and has new bedding and curtains, but all the furniture is the same furniture as before. With that mystery solved, we need to solve the next one – what to have for tea?

We decide to eat in the room, so I go down to the shop to find some food. Dave & Bev are also there looking for food, and they laugh at me as I wander around aimlessly trying to decide. I was going to make sandwiches, but by the time you buy a loaf of bread, ham, cheese, butter and cream cheese, they are turning into very pricey sandwiches! Instead, I decide on a pizza, which we cook in our kitchen. I can’t say we do a lot of cooking in our room but it is quite nice to have the option.

Dave, Bev, James and Nicola come back along to our room just before 9, and we all stand on the balcony and watch Illuminations. We have a really good view, although it’s not quite the same as being in the park. It’s still most impressive. After the fireworks, it’s down to the pool for a late night swim. We swim for about an hour, and then it’s up to bed.

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