A trip to Orlando – day 13, Molly’s birthday

Day 13 – Molly’s birthday

We really want to see the Fairies today, and Toontown opens at 10 o’clock,  so I allow everyone a lie-in as long as we are at Toontown by 10.   Yeah,   right!    Everyone sleeps in,  then we have to open the presents,  get ready etc.

We finally leave the room just before 10 and walk down to the bus stop.  There is a CM at the stop who says he has requested a bus for MK but it takes quite a while to arrive.  Whilst we wait,  they have games out for the kids to play with. When we get to the park,  we have to go to the Will Call gate to collect Molly’s birthday gift card. As a result, it’s nearly 11 before we get to Magic Kingdom.   This was not the plan!

Molly decides she wants to do Tomorrowland Transit Authority which is supposed to be reopening today,   so we start to walk around to Tomorrowland when we hear the music starting for the street show.   We end up watching the show for about 20 minutes and then on the way around to TTA we stop for a photo in front of the castle,   so it’s around 11.30 when we get to Tomorrowland.  Unfortunately,  the TTA is still closed,   but Buzz is a 10 minute wait,  so we decide to do that.   After Toy Story Mania and our awesome scores there,   we are a bit rubbish at Buzz.

Whilst we are riding, I look at my watch and realise something fairly important,   we are supposed to be at the Crystal Palace for an 11.30 lunch,  and it’s 11.35 already,   so we save the universe and then dash straight over for lunch.   They seat us fairly quickly and fortunately, don’t chastise us for being late,   it’s about 11.45 before we get there so we are quite late.

As it’s Molly’s birthday,  I had ordered a Goodie Bag for the table, and they have it all nicely decorated with Mickey Glitter and Streamers and the bag is waiting for us.  It’s pretty much all tat but Molly thinks it’s fantastic,  there is a party hat,  a fancy straw,   some magnets and a colouring book,  all in a nice canvas bag.


All the characters came around to visit, and they all made a big fuss off Molly,  in fact 100s of people wish Molly Happy Birthday today.  She seems to forget she is wearing the Birthday Button and just wonders how everyone knows it’s her birthday.

The food here was really good,   amongst many many other things, I had some Salmon which was delicious,  I went back for seconds and then thirds.

When we were finished eating,  they brought out a cupcake for Molly,    Molly being Molly immediately cut it into quarters so we could each have a piece of birthday cake.    It was very nice cake as well.

Celebrate a birthday

Lunch was $90 + tip (now that Katie is 11 we have to pay adult prices for her, which rather increases the cost of the buffets,  however,  I really enjoyed the food in here which lessens the blow considerably)

After lunch we walked over to Toontown Fayre to see about those Fairies,   the queue was 75 minutes which is about 60 minutes longer than I was prepared to wait,  so we agreed to try again later,  and went into Minnies house instead.  Minnie wasn’ there,   she was visiting Mickey,   so we toured through his house and then met them both in the Judges Tent.   Molly was pleased because Minnie was wearing her ‘proper’ dress,   we have met Minnie before but she’s been wearing the wrong clothes and Molly really wanted to see the Red and White spotty minnie.

Minnie was thrilled to see Molly’s dress,  and showed her how to hold it for her photograph.

The girls decided they would like to see the Princesses next,  this was a 40 minute wait but they said,  yes,  they would do it.  It was actually much shorter than that,  I think about 15 minutes and then we met Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle.

Molly spends a while in the shop here trying to spend her giftcard.   She really doesn’t have any idea what to buy,  I suggest a princess dress, btu she’s already got them all (sadly this is true),   the only thing she fancies is a charm bracelet,  so she buys an elastic string and some beads for the grand total of $7,  she still has $60 to spend.  Just as she finishes her purchases,  some music starts playing and they are dancing in the shop,  they are doing ‘Cha Cha Slide’  one of the ‘rink songs’ which they both know well,  so they are straight in there dancing along.   It’s good fun and they are given a Magical Moment certificate after the dance.

It’s hot now, and I want to sit in the cool,  so we do Mickey’s Philharmagic.   They come on the tannoy and repeatedly ask everyone to move all the way to the end of the aisle,  and it’s pretty busy today so they really do need to move down,   except of course for the people sitting slap bang in the middle of our row,  apparently that instruction didn’t apply to them.  We all had to push past them,  and they sat looking annoyed that we were disturbing them to get past.

After the show,  Molly wants to do Dumbo  and it’s Molly’s birthday,  so we do Dumbo,  there is a queue but it’s not too bad considering,  I think it was about 15 minutes.

We are ready for a snack, so we wander down Main St. to the Bakery,  and I spot Toll House Ice Cream cookies on the menu.  They used to sell these with the Mickey Bars but they don’t anymore,  so I order one.   However,  this isn’t a packaged cookie ice cream,   this is the real deal.  The waiter takes 2 fresh chocolate chip cookies and puts loads of gorgeous vanilla ice cream in the middle to make a sandwich.

It was devine.

After we have revived a little,  we head down to the Chaperau to see if we can get Katie’s Mickey Ears embroidered.  She bought them on the Cruise Ship and they don’t do embroidery on the ship.   We have to wait quite a long time as the customer in front is trying to return an embroidered item and the manager has to come down.

After the manager has sorted out the return,  she starts talking to us and wishes Molly a happy birthday.   She asks the girls to come around to the sweetie shop (which she also manages),  and gives them both birthday marshmellow treats (dipped in chocolate and sprinkles).  Then she asks them if they will come back later to be the Chefs of the Day.   Of course,  we agree.

Our plan had been to look in the Main Street shops for something for Molly,  but we totally forget to go into the shops in the excitement,  and we get on the train for Adventureland,    we have to go and visit The Pirates!  This is one of my favorite rides,  I don’t know why as it’s quite cheesy but I always enjoy it.  On the way out,  the girls decide to ride the Flying Carpets and it’s got a very short queue  so on we jump.  We seem to have a dodgy carpet though as we can’t control it at all.

As we are walking out of Flying Carpets,  Molly spots the Jungle Cruise and asks what it is,  I reply a ‘very long line’  but it turns out not to be too bad,  so we go ahead and ride this.   We have quite a good CM and the jokes are most definitely groaners,  but it’s good fun,  in fact Molly declares it much better than the AK safari.

We have fastpasses for Peter Pan so we walk around there (and we may well have had a quick ride on IASW as well),   and whilst we are waiting for Peter Pan I see someone that looks familiar.  I can’t quite place her, and think maybe she was on her flight or staying in our hotel,   when I realise I recognise her husband and it is some friends of ours from quite a few years ago.   The last time I saw them they had just had a baby,  and the baby is now 6!   They see me staring at them and we do that ‘Oh My God, fancy seeing you here thing’ very briefly as they are about to step onto a moving platform to fly over London.  We are on the ride not long after but barely see it as we are chatting about what a strange coincidence.

When we get off the ride,  our friends are waiting at the exit so we stand and catch up with them for a little while.  Eventually we say goodbye,  and we walk back down to Sweet Shop on Main Street for the Chef of the Day experience.

Whilst we are waiting for the manager,  we stand and watch them make these enormous rice krispy cakes,  they are massive and the chef did tell me how many pounds of rice crispies were in the bowl – I think she said 17lbs per batch.

the manager comes out and kits the girls up with hats and aprons and then they are given a rice krispie treat to decorate,  they have melted chocolate,  sprinkles and m&ms to put on it.  They work really hard at getting it ‘just right’,  and then they are put in the fridge to harden for a few minutes before being presented with them to take home.

Chefs for a day
Chefs for a day

After all the excitement of baking,  we decide to give those elusive fairies another try.  We get the train around to ToonTown fair,  and check the queue but it still says 60 minutes and the CM says it really is that long,   so the girls decide not to bother as it’s getting late and they would miss the parade.

They have a little play in the kiddy playarea, although really they are both too big and then we walk back to the Carousel whilst everyone rides except for me who sits for a while.  My feet are really aching at this point.

It’s nearly time for Spectromagic,  so we walk down Main Street looking for a spot,  I really want to watch the fireworks from near the gates so we can make a quick getaway afterwards,  and we end up watching the parade from right near the gates where it starts.  I try, for the 7th trip running,  to get some decent photos,   and once again I fail.  Even using the trashcan as a tripod.

After the parade is over,  my feet are done and I really don’t think I can stand any longer.   We had actually booked the Wishes Dessert Party earlier in teh week and then cancelled it as it seemed expensive,  but right now I would pay a lot of money for a chair.   A lot of people seem to leave after Spectro and the crowds really disappate,  which manage to get a spot near the flagpole in the centre of the island and Phil and the kids sit on the ground and wait there.   I go and find a bench near the loo and sit there for 20 minutes trying to feel my feet again!

I rejoin the family for Wishes and we have a superb view,  this is a really good spot.  After they are over,  then we head quickly out of the park and to the bus stop,   I don’t fancy a long wait for a bus at all,  but we are in luck and manage to get seats on the first bus.    the bus driver is quite amusing and tells us her life story and various anecdotes,  she tells us at the Boardwalk that she kept talking all the way home so that we didn’t fall asleep.

We are really dragging out feet back to the room, but we have one more important task to do,    Molly hasn’t had her birthday cake yet.

I have also failed to buy matches, so we get out the cake,  look at it,  pretend to blow out the candles and then fall into bed.  A very very long day.


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