A trip to Orlando – Day 15, the end….

Day 15 – the very very last day…..

I don’t sleep at all,  I am cold and hot and bothered and wake up with a sore throat and feeling ropey.  I think my body knows it’s going back to England today.   Despite packing yesterday,  I still seem to have an awful lot of packing to do and it takes us a while to get everything in the bags.  We end up with 5 big bags and a myriad of carryon bags and assorted junk.   I spend ages trying to convince the girls they don’t need 14 colouring books on the plane,  but they are adamant they are all essential.

Next trip I am definitely travelling light…… (Yes,  I do say that every time).

We decide to check in at Downtown Disney,   well I decide,  Phil objects that it’s $40 that could be better spent,  and well,  I over-rule him.  Somedays it works like that (and somedays it doesn’t)…..   I just wanted to be rid of all the bags,  they were feeling cumbersome.   We had bell services bring the bags down to the car,  and amazingly they all went into the boot,  for a small car this has a huge boot.   Although,  It was quite funny as they were shoving the cases into the car Molly starts yelling,  her seat wasn’t properly locked and they were coming through into the passenger compartment!   We fixed the seat and still managed to get them all in however,  so all was good.


We drove around to Virgin’s check-in.  It’s quite a few years since we did this,  and now you have to park across the road,  not a problem for normal people but we don’t have wheels on many of our bags since we bought them in the dark ages and they refuse to break.   We did manage to get everything across the street in one piece but I made another vow I am sure I will break – new cases with wheels for the next trip.  Preferably those nice cases with 4 wheels that seem to walk themselves along.  yes,  that will do nicely.

As we are waiting to check in,  they are calling over passengers flying to Gatwick.  It seems the flight is cancelled.   I didn’t catch what they were offering the passengers in way of compensation,  but they all headed off with their cases and 24 hours to kill.  I know it sounds lovely to have an extra day,  but honestly noone looked very happy.

We were checked in and our bags were weighed.  the Lady at the scales laughed as we had loads of bags but they were really light – one was full of cushions,  it looked really stuffed full but there was hardly anything in it,   she was most amused.

All checked in,  and our pre-assigned seats completely disregarded,   and we are free for most of the day.   We decide to visit Animal Kingdom,  so drive over and park in Dinosaur.

We are in a fairly relaxed mood and not bothered about hitting the big rides,  I head into Guest Services first and get ADR for Tusker House, and then  we do lots of character meets,   we go over to Camp Minnie Mickey and the Lion King show is in full swing so it’s really quiet .   We meet everyone,  Minnie,  Mickey, Goofy and Daisy Duck.

After all this character interaction it’s time for lunch,  so we head around to Tusker House.


This was fabulous,  the main dining hall is massive and noisy but we were in a small side room with just 3 tables in it,  so it was nice and quiet and secluded.  The food was lovely and we all went back for more many times.   It was all going very well until the waitress brought out the bill and reminded me that gratuity was not included in a really snotty way.   I felt like removing her tip altogether,  but we had enjoyed the meal so she still got her tip.   just.

It’s just about time for the Lion King show so we raced around there,  and just managed to squeeze into the last row.  It must be quiet today as the last row wasn’t very far back at all, and I manage to get one or two decent photos.

The Nemo show started just before the Lion King show ended,  and the next show wasn’t for 2 hours,  so we sadly decide we will have to miss Nemo and head out of the park.   I pop into the shops to spend the infamous giftcard,  whilst Molly goes to see Lilo and Stitch.   Whilst she is there the Photopass photographer asks her where her sister is,  she had recognised Molly from earlier in the day.


I found a nice black t=shirt with Walt Disney World in rhinestones,  and Katie finds a pink t-shirt with Mickey on it,  so we make some final purchases and then head out of the park.

When we get into the car,  the car is showing 109F,   no wonder we were hot.

It’s about 3pm and our flight isn’t until 8.40  so we still have plenty of time to kill,   so I suggest something radical…. More shopping.

we drive upto the Florida Mall and pop into Target.   I thought I’d heard of nice laptop bags in Target but they just had the normal black ones,   however we found the girls some nice shoes,  Katie got pink Converse and Molly some new trainers which have laces.

I make one last stop into Scrappy Boutique and manage to buy a couple of albums and then we head over to the airport.

At the airport we change into warmer clothing and take a look at the shops.  I am after some crocs but I don’t like the new styles they are offering.   We have a bit of tea in the food court and then it’s off to the gate.

We had a short wait at the gate,  which I passed by Dibbing.  Apparently someone else was Dibbing from the gate too, but I didn’t spot them.

The flight home was long and boring.  We had a 3 and a 1,  so I sat alone for a little while and watched Angels and Demons,   but then it got late and Molly couldn’t settle so I moved back and sat in between Molly and Katie.   They both fell asleep across me,  so I just sat pinned into my seat for a few hours.

It all gets rather boring and mundane now,   we collect our bags,  and I again vow to buy new wheeled cases,   and then call to get our car delivered.   We can’t find our mobile phones so we have to use a call box,  I haven’t used a call box in years!   We seem to wait a little while for the car,  but it does arrive eventually and apparently it started first time,  which was a relief as it can be a little temperamental.

It’s a long drive home,  up the M6 and we once again discuss the merits of Newcastle airport,  it seems we alternate,  we fly from Newcastle one year, and then the next we decide to go for the cheaper option  and then on the long trip home we remember why its so much nicer to fly from Newcastle.

Home at 2pm,   so it’s been a very long journey but it’s been a great holiday and will be long remembered.    We don’t know when we will be back,  but already we are talking about 3 weeks instead of too – the idea being that we will be able to take a slower pace.    We shall see…..

2 thoughts on “A trip to Orlando – Day 15, the end….

  1. Bev, I have really enjoyed reading all about your trip, it sounds like there are so many new things/rides there now, cant wait to take the grandchildren for their first trip.

    The cruise sounded exciting – and very busy!

    Glad that Molly had a wonderful birthday – sounds absolutely perfect to me.

    Thank you for sharing.


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