Blogging for Scrapbookers

I am taking an online class run by Shimelle, I am hoping it will inspire me to blog more often and do a little bit of scrapbooking too. I love the idea of blogging and scrapbooking, but I don’t do either as often as I’d like, so I intend to change that in the next few weeks.

One unexpected side effect is all the class members are sharing their blogs and I am finding all sorts of interesting and fascinating posts and ideas.  I’ve added a new sidebar where I will link anything interesting I find.  Straight away I’ve seen this amazing wreath on I have a roomful of papers so i quite fancy having a go at this.

Now, onto the photograph, last weekend we went down to the lighthouse for a walk. Unfortunatly, the clocks had gone back and by the time we got down there it was starting to get dark. We had a quick walk across the causeway, and then as we walked back we saw the coloured lights on the lighthouse. It looked amazing.

I only had my pocket point and shoot and it doesn’t do well in low light situations, but with the aid of a handy bin and the timer, I managed to get one non-blurry shot which I am really pleased with.




  1. I love the color you captured!

  2. You’re right that wreath is amazing! Fab photo of the lighthouse and good luck with the class!!

  3. Great photo! Another classmate here – also hoping to learn lots.

  4. Elizabeth · · Reply

    Thanks for the link to the wreath. It’s gorgeous.

    I’m also in Shimelle’s class and have enjoyed reading so many blogs today.

  5. dottydotty · · Reply

    found my way here from shimelles class i have wordpress to and love what youi have done with your blog maybe i will pay for mine too:)

    1. you can play with it and test it out throughly before you have to pay. I worked on mine for a few days before I was happy with it, and only paid when I was ready to actually show it to the public. It’s possible to set up a 2nd blog on wordpress and ‘play’ with that until you are happy with it and then copy it across to your real blog.

  6. Love the look of your blog and that wreath too!

  7. Thanks for the compliment on the wreath! A pleasent surprise. If you have Dec 2007 Creating Keepsakes, the “how to” should be in that issue. I think I will see if I have it at home and perhaps post it…

  8. I have to agree about finding new great blogs. Your’s is the first I’ve checked out and boy am I impressed. I’m definitely going to explore around some more and can’t wait to read about your Disney holiday :-).


  9. Terri Porter · · Reply

    LOVE the look of your blog! So pretty and feminine. I loved that wreath too (glad to find out where the directions are for it) and the photo the lighthouse (one of my passions) is amazing. I am afraid that reading all the blogs I am going to want to read each morning will take up half the day!

  10. Thanks for your nice comment over on my blog. I love what you’ve done with yours. Mine is looking sadly plain!!! This weekend I WILL make it look different! :o)

  11. Gorgeous photo, I love the colours. Can’t wait to see the wreath as well.

  12. scrapbookprintables · · Reply

    Bev, its all looking good, like that wreath, but hell of a lot of work !!

  13. I also don’t like talking about the negative parenting-wise very often. I don’t think it’s fair to my daughter to over-share in that regard. I really like your template. I’m a classmate from Blogging for Scrapbookers.

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