What to share and what to not.

Shimelle has asked us to think today about how much of our life we want to share online.   It’s an interesting topic,   I am a fairly open book online,  I don’t like to live in fear and tend to believe that as long as you are reasonably sensible it’s no more dangerous posting on a blog or forum than it is to have your photo in the newspaper.    Then again,  I’m not a ‘celebrity blogger’ with 1000s of people following my every word.   I read a couple of celebrity blogs (by which I mean the bloggers have become online celebrities,  not that they are celebrities who blog),   some of these blogs get 1000s of comments and there are 10s of 1000s of people reading there every word.   I would probably feel differently if I was in that situation,   and as unlikely as it is,  I suppose they all started out as small bloggers and once you have put the information out there you can never take it back.

However,  I digress…..

The one thing I am aware of,  is I tend to blog/share the positive and keep the negative to myself.  I just never really thought it would make an interesting post to say ‘Had a crap day today and shouted at my kids’  so I don’t post that sort of stuff.   Which does mean that there are a lot of days when I don’t have much to say,  because unfortunately I have those kinds of days rather too often at the moment.   I am finding it hard to be the parent of a nearly teen, and I don’t seem to be handling it as well as I’d like.


On a more positive note,   in the past I have organized a number of Scrapbooking Retreats at a local venue.  When I spoke to them last year they told me they could no longer accommodate us,  so I haven’t held one this year.  I have been really wanting to get away for a retreat shortly,  so I decided to call them again and see if they would be willing to change their policy,  and the person I spoke to said it was not a problem and we could again hire the venue.   I am so pleased,  we have always had a lovely time there, and I really couldn’t think of an alternative venue that would work as well.  So now I have a bit of organising to do, and then a lovely weekend to look forward too

This photograph is off the first retreat which was very very cold!  We are all sitting scrapping in our coats and gloves.  Fortunatly,  since then the heating has been upgraded in the centre  so it is much warmer,  but it does make me  smile to think of us all sitting there shivering!



  1. Elizabeth · · Reply

    I was just thinking of the terrible responsibility it is to be a “celebrity” blogger. The pressure to outdo your previous blog must be tremendous. Oh, well, I’ll never had to worry about that.

    I enjoyed reading your blog very much.

  2. Even though I am not a parent of an almost teen, I can still relate! I have a 3 year old and some days just don’t go too well and I don’t want to tell the world about those days or want to look back on them.

  3. LOL, I remember it well, the battle for heater supremacy! Here’s hoping they will let us crop there again as it really was the perfect venue. :o)

  4. Hope you have a lovely time at your retreat! It sounds like you could do with some ‘me’ time! (Linda from Shimelle’s class)

  5. Hello from class – it was definitley food for thought in class about shring info via our blogs – nice blog 🙂

  6. Yes, it was a bit nippy wasn’t it. Great fun though 🙂

  7. Like you, I try to only post positive things, sometimes it isn’t always possible but I really don’t want to share/remember the bad stuff only the good. Maybe I look at life through rose tinted glasses. Love your scrapping in gloves and coats photo.

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