Places I’d like to visit one day

We have been talking about holidays lately,  actually given the choice I’d talk about holidays everyday.  I love to dream about traveling and places to visit.  Generally we return to the same few places over and over,   but one day I want to visit some more exotic places.



I was born in Melbourne,  but we left Australia before I was 2.   I went to some amazing places before I was two,  but sadly I don’t remember any of it.   I have never been back to Australia and I really must go one day.   I’d love to travel around the country for a couple of months and really have time to soak it all up and see how Australian I really am!



I’ve never been to any part of Italy, and there are some many things there that I’d love to see.  Rome,  Venice,  Lake Garda, Sorrento, Pompeii.  There are so many famous places, places I’ve read about in books or seen in the Movies.  There is so much history there,  and I want to see it all.  I think I’d need 3 or 4 visits to really see everything.  It all sounds and looks fabulous,  but a little daunting.  I’ve travelled to quite a few places but for some reason Italy makes me nervous,  I think the traffic worries me and I don’t speak any Italian at all.  I am sure like most other European places you can get by with English.  I shall get there one day.



I know for Brits,  Greece is a very common destination and one that many people have visited,  but it’s not somewhere I have made it to yet.  I have an image of a beautiful tranquil place,  with candlelit restaurants and walks on the beach.  It’s this side of Greece I want to visit,  I don’t want to stumble into an 18-30’s party by mistake!


West Coast / San Francisco

I’ve never been to California,  or indeed the West Coast of the USA,  and there are so many places there that I’d like to see.  I would quite like to drive right up the West Coast from California to Vancouver.     That seems to be a bit of a recurring theme!


I am looking at my list and thinking that they are all very safe places.  I like to believe that I’d enjoy traveling around the world like Michael Palin and around the world in 80 days. seeing the real world and not the tourist’s view,  but truth be told,   I don’t know if I am brave enough.  Maybe when I am retired I will take bus tours through Asia and Africa,  seeing the world from the safety of a bus and then going to stay in nice luxury hotels.  It feels a bit like cheating though.



  1. Great post! I have only been to Australia and Italy from your list…and YES! I highly recommend both destinations!

  2. Well I live in Australia, and I can highly recommend it, we travel here all the time there is just so much to explore.

    Italy, Greece and San Francisco are all on my go to lists too

  3. Great list! I could have written that myself, my must sees are San Francisco and Venice but I’d love to go to Aus/NZ and Santorini too

  4. Those are all on my list of places to visit as well! Except for San Fran, I lived there for a few years and it is AMAZING! Hope you get a chance to see all those places that you want!

  5. the image of greece you have is very
    beautiful. greece takes my breath away.
    that is one place I’ll go in future (:

  6. Love your new look blog, Bev. Fantastic that you have combined your techie knowledge with your creative flair to get such a pretty and lively look.
    If you are seriously thinking of Greece, go to the Dassia Chandris in Corfu – we would definitely go back, for the beach facilities, food and the five star luxury!

  7. What a great list – I think that’s a mini-album I want to do soon. I live near S.F. and have been to Italy, but neither Australia nor Greece.

  8. Norway is on the top of my list of places to visit, since we have family we could stay with there.

    Thailand is the second, though we would have to go with our Thai friends when they would be returning home for a visit.

    There are many places I would love to see: Hawaii, Alaska, Eygpt, New Zealand, Ireland, Antartica… just to name a few!

  9. Venice I’ve been to and I loved, but I would very much like to visit the other places on your list along with quite a lot of others. Alaska for one, but you know about that already 😉

  10. Love this post, have visited Italy and Venice, West cosat of USA and LA / Hollywood, and Greece, Would recommend all and would return if I had the chance.

  11. I share many of your “I want to go here places” with one exception. As a native San Franciscan I have to say that San Francisco is one of my most favorite places!

  12. I didn’t know you were born in Australia!
    It’s a lovely list. There are loads of places I have never been but with the exception of Australia I’ve been to all of your wish list and they are all places I would go back to in a moment. The drive up from LA via Sonoma to San Francisco on the 1 is fantastic and if I could only do one I think I would chose that.

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