Back in the saddle again.

There was a time when I was an obsessed scrapbooker. Thinking about
scrapbooking most of the time, and taking every opportunity to create
layouts in the evenings. I spent many hours sitting with my meagre
supplies creating pages which look very dated now. However,
somewhere along the way, I started reading about scrapbooking more,
and actually doing much less. Lately, I’ve barely created anything.
I’ve been wanting to, but there is something that stops me from moving
past want to actually create.

I think part of the problem is now I have too much stuff, and too
many optoins. When I had a small carrier bag of papers, then I just
got on with it. Now I have a roomfull and I just stand there

I haven’t conquered my scraproom yet, that is a challenge for another
day, but I have created something. Captured a memory and recorded a
day out, and I am very pleased about that.

I have dabbled in Digital before, but I am fairly sure I will be
moving more and more to digital, keeping paper scrapbooking for crops
and digital for home. I won’t be giving up paper altogether. There is
something very satisfying about playing with paper and glue, but this
is definitely more feasible when time is short.

This layout is from a trip to visit my brother this summer. The
journalling reads
"Ruth said, Let’s walk to the pub for Lunch. Sounded like a great
idea to me, so off we all set. We walked and walked but there was
no sign of the pub. Mark started to look a little worried after about
an hour, but we kept assuring ourselves that it was just around the
next bend. Eventually, we did arrive at the pub, about 2 hours
later than we had expected. I was quite worried that they would no
longer be serving lunch, but fortunately they were still serving and
we had a lovely lunch. One most well earned. After lunch, we
briefly contemplated walking back, but then we came to our senses and
called a taxi. We really couldn’t believe how quickly we were home
in the taxi! The pub was very very close to home, however, the path
we had walked along followed a very windy river and had caused us to
walk much further than we had anticipated. It was a long walk, but
a very memorable afternoon!"



  1. Its funny what you said about scrapping more when you had less ‘stuff’, I could have written that myself. Its almost like the decision making becomes overwhelming when there is so much choice, whereas when you dont have alot of choices to make in the paper and embellishments you can just get on and get a page done. Bit of a light bulb moment for me, thanks.

  2. Yay Bev! A layout. I’ve been promising myself for the last 2 weeks that this won’t just be about getting my blog mojo back but my scrapping one too.

    I’ve pretty much decided to move to digital all the time – I’m even thinking of taking my laptop & files to Fiona’s on Saturday for the crop with the girls! Dare I?

  3. Great LO. I love what you wrote about too much “stuff” and too many options holding you back. I’ve recently started to feel that way. That I have too many supplies and can waste too much time picking between 15 different sets of white alphabets. Sometimes less really is more!

  4. nice to see you sxrapping again. love the layout.

  5. What an adventure walking to the pub. I can picture you two walking and walking, etc. Love the layout!

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