She did it!!!


Katie has been trying to land her Double Salchow for months.   She did land one a few weeks back,  but then we have never seen it again since,  and she had convinced herself that she couldn’t do it.

She wasn’t feeling particulary confident tonight,  but something must have clicked because she did it!  and not just once,  but over and over again. In fact,  once she’d done it,  she couldn’t miss.

The video is pretty grainy because I only had my mobile on me,  but it was  a moment that definitely needed videoing.



  1. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeee, that’s bostin Katie, well done… you’re so pleased.

  2. Well done Katie!!

  3. Oh that’s brilliant Katie! And it looked so smooth too 😀

  4. WhooHooo! What an accomplishment!

  5. Christine E · · Reply

    Well done Katie.

  6. Oh, Bev you must be so proud of her. Well done Kate!

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