2009 year in review

* Katie turned 12, and Molly turned 6.  They are both growing up at a very rapid rate!
* Both girls are still skating,  Molly entered her first competition and Katie competed a few times over the year.  They are both enjoying it,  so we would appear to be spending more time at the rink over the coming year.
* As well as skating,  they both enjoy ballet. At the beginning of the year Katie was a little unsure if she wanted to continue to dance,  but she has moved to a new studio and takes a combined ballet, tap and stage lesson and is really enjoying her dancing again.
* We returned to Florida this summer,  and experienced our first cruise,  just a short 3 day cruise to Bermuda.  It was wonderful and we hope to try a longer cruise next time.
* The girls also enjoyed a weeks holiday with Granny and Poppa,  and we travelled down to Essex to visit my brother as well.
* Unfortunately,  we didn’t make it to Holland or Germany this year,  but both of Phil’s sisters visited us in England,  and everybody was here at once to celebrate his mum’s 80th birthday.  It was a great party and it was a very rare experience to have everyone together at once.
* Katie’s school choir had the opportunity to perform in front of the Countess of Wessex,  and they performed a number with Craig Chalmers from Joseph.
* Phil continues to work in the same job,  but he has been transferred to Kier,  and then seconded back to work for the Council.  Confused?  He certainly was!
* I am enjoying my second year at Middle School,  and even went to Paris on a school trip.

    I hope you have had a good 2009,   and would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2010.



    1. Oh, we loved Bermuda Bev. Such a beautiful place. My most favourite holiday destination – ever!

      Great end of year summary 😀

    2. Finally hit your blog – We wish you all a very fulfilling 2010 too!

      Love from Holland

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