Way to go Molly!!!!

molly skating today
molly skating today

We were up early for a skating competition this morning,  but today it wasn’t Katie but Molly that was skating.   She did a great job,  and didn’t finish last which was my biggest hope 🙂

The best surprise though,  was after all the results were over,  they announced the Chairmans Cup which is for the Most Promising Under 8,    and Molly won!

To say I was excited would be an understatement!  She was thrilled to bits and I was leaping around like a mad woman.



  1. Fantastic Molly……it was well worth getting up so early!

  2. That’s brilliant! Well done Molly 🙂

    I’d have been doing the ‘mad woman’ bit too Bev.

  3. Well done Molly. So pleased for her. You are allowed to be a mad woman, it makes it all worth it.

  4. Dear Molly
    Its always good to get a cup – enjoy!
    Auntie Jane

  5. Emma Wood · · Reply

    Bev – great to see a post from you, it’s been a while! I was just thinking about emailing you!
    Molly – well done you 🙂

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