Hull Open this weekend.

We have just got back from Hull.  It was a brilliant trip,  the weather was gorgeous and the skating superb.  It was Molly’s first Open competition and I was extremely nervous for her, but she did really really well and ended up a very respectable 13th out of 18,  which we were really pleased with.  There were a number of other very little girls in her group, and then quite a few girls who looked older and more experienced.

Molly (rather blurry……)

Katie has moved upto a new Level recently and it’s all starting to get quite tough,  but she did a pretty good job and came 8th out of 18.   This competition was judged under the new IJS rules which was quite interesting, as she came home with a sheet listing all of her elements and exactly how they had been marked.    It is quite harsh reading, but I do like it better than the old system as it seems fairer, and you can see what the judges liked or didn’t like (although there are still no guarantees you will agree with them!)


I bought some photos as well.  I particularly love this one as Molly is leaving the ice.   It just is so ‘Molly’

And Katie’s starting position.



  1. Brilliant! I love watching them skate 🙂
    Lovely photos too.

  2. Angela · · Reply

    Oh those were great Bev, I love watching your two skate…..haven’t they grown??? Fabulous, bet you’re dead proud of them both…I would be. xxx

  3. Really well done, both of you – you looked great (to my untrianed eye!)

  4. Your daughter is beautiful. I loved your pictures!


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