viva mallorca – part 2

Friday – Valdemossa –
We headed up into the mountains to visit the town of Valdemossa.  We came here when Katie was little and had really liked it so decided to return.   It’s up in the mountains but it’s not too scary a road and we managed to find the town with only a few wrong turns.  It’s a really beautiful place,  nestled up high in the mountains.  Molly was quite taken with it and declared it much better than Whitley Bay,  and said she’d quite like to live there.   There are lots of shops and cafes,  so we had a good wander around,  and ended up in a garden behind the church where we spent a while taking lots of photographs.   I have similar photos of Katie from when she was 5,  so it was nice to get more photos of her in the same spot.
We spent a few hours wandering around and taking photos, and then headed back to Can Picafort and the poolside.
In the evening we went down to Can Picafort and ate in Jamaica again.  Whilst we were eating there was a big commotion,  so we went onto the beach to see what was up.  There were some dolphins in the sea.  We couldn’t really see them, although you could tell there was definitely something out there.

Saturday – by the pool,  tea at burger king
Not a lot to report.  We had a very lazy day by the pool.   I woke up early and so I went for the morning croissants and reserved a couple of sunbeds right by the pool.  When in Spain,  I guess…..    It did mean the day was much more fun,  as we were right by the kids, and could jump in and out of the pool with them,  whereas at the back of the grass it’s a bit harder to talk to them when they are swimming.   Molly is getting much better with swimming.  When she was taking lessons she wouldn’t put her face in the water,  but now she is diving down to get sticks of the bottom of the pool all day.   She can only do 3 or 4 strokes before she was to stop as she can’t breathe and swim at the same time,  but she is amazing compared to the girl who wouldn’t get her face wet!
We have a big day planned for sunday,   so we just walk down to Burger King for tea quite early,  and are all asleep very early.  We need to be as we have the alarm set for 6:30am for our Island Tour.

Sunday – island tour

We have to get up early as the bus is picking us up at 8:20 from the main road.  I woke up about 4am as I was worried we would sleep in!  The kids aren’t too keen on waking up but we manage to get to the bus stop before 8, and are waiting for our pickup.  By the time the bus comes there are loads of people waiting,  but there must be a few tours going out, as only one other family gets on our bus.   We drive along through Alcudia collecting people,  and then head into the mountains.   It’s very pretty and the road isn’t too scary on the way up,   so we just sit back and enjoy the scenery.  At the very top of the mountain,  there is this turning point called the Tie Knot and we stop there for 20 minutes to take some photos and have a drink.  It is very high and quite impressive.  It’s taken us over an hour to get to the top,  but apparantly we will be down the other side in only 30 minutes,  that worries me a little!   We head down the other side which is much steeper and it’s a series of hair pin bends all the way down.   It’s quite impressive but I am very glad I am not driving!   I was a bit worried about meeting a coach coming up the mountain,  but appparantly coaches can only go down the mountain in the morning and then they can only go back up the mountain in the afternoon.     I would hate to be in a coach that was running late!

We safely make it down the mountain and are in a tiny port called Sa Colobra.  It’s quite amazing that they have built this road to get to such a tiny place.  Apparantly it was a port used by smugglers and they built the road.   The port has just a few cafes, but there is no town as such.   We walk along a little path through the side of the mountains and end up at the end of a canyon.   It looks like a scene out of Indiana Jones,  and you can just imagine he will come riding out of this crack in the mountain at any moment   There is a very tiny beach here,  that you have to wade across the water to reach.  It seems to be quite popular,  lots of people are wading across with all their gear for the day,  there are also lots of very posh yachts in the harbour who are coming over to the beach as well.  By the time we leave,  the beach is absolutely packed, which considering it’s isolated location is quite impressive.

We spend a little bit of time in the canyon,  and then walk back through the mountain and down to the port.  We take a boat from here to Port of Soller.  It’s quite a pleasant boat ride,  and we can sit in the shade and cool down a little.   It is very very hot,   the tour guide said it was 35 today and I can easily believe it.   We arrive in Soller and we have around an hour for lunch,  so we find a cafe by the harbour and admire the yachts.  There are some amazing yachts and houses here,   it’s got all the shops and cafes but it has a very different feel about it from Alcudia or Can Picafort,   more old fashioned,  there are no big modern hotels.  After lunch and an ice cream,   we meet back up and take a tram to the town of Soller.   The tram isn’t really big enough for the whole group, and everyone is very squashed in and hot and bothered.   There were some pretty views,  and we saw lemons and peaches growing in the fields,  but I think everyone was very pleased to get off the tram as it was so hot.  When the tram gets up into Soller town,  it goes right through the streets and the market.   We are looking at a stall later, and the tram comes by and we have to stand right in next to the stall as there are really only a few feet between the tram and the stalls.   Its quite impressive and a little bit scary.   The town is absolutely beautiful.  We sit in the square for a while and  just soak it in.   They are decorating for their festival day which is in the next week, and there is white bunting everywhere.   It looks very festive.
We only have a short stay here and then we have to get on the train.  The train goes through the mountains from Soller back to Palma.  It’s much more comfortable on the train,  plenty of seats and the wind makes it much cooler,  although there are a lot of people worn out by now, and some of the kids fall asleep.  We have to go through quite a few tunnels and then we are through the mountain,  much easier than climbing over the top!     In Palma, we get back on the coach, and back to the hotel.   It’s been a very long and hot day,  but we have all enjoyed it.  However, now all we want to do is swim!

After tea,  we decide to drive to the other end of Can Picafort,  near where we stayed when Katie was a baby.   We find the hotel we stayed in and then walk along the seafront.   it is much much quieter here.  Consdering this is high season,  there are very few people about and not many restaurants.  We find a table at one and are then amused ot be handed the menus and discover it’s the same menu as the Jamaica restaurant we have eaten in a few times already!     We have a nice meal,  and watch the sunset,  and then off to bed.   It’s been a very long day.



  1. it all sounds very nice and I am pleased you are enjoying it. Bev, I sent you a text yesterday, did you get it?
    perhaps I don’t have the right mobile number?
    love Jane

  2. HI Jane, we were travelling all day yesterday so the phone was off, but I haven’t had a text this morning. Hope everything is ok

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