Princesses, Potions, and Yeti’s

Day 5

We have had a couple of late nights,   so this morning we have a lie-in.   It’s well after 9 before either kid surfaces.  Of course as soon as one wakes up,  so does the other.   I’d been awake for a while, and had written up my trip report.    I don’t like to get too many days behind or I can’t remember what we’ve done,  and it starts to feel like a job rather than something fun to do.

We have an ADR at Animal Kingdom for lunchtime,  so we eventually get ourselves up and ready.   We have some bagels in the room for breakfast,   and I try and drink the coffee again.   We bought some Maxwell House ‘filter packs’ for the coffee machine and they are absolutely awful.  I still can’t drink it,  so we decide the problem is definitely with the coffee and not the machine or the way we are making it.

We drive to Animal Kingdom and it’s nearing 11 by the time we get there.   Molly wants to do Expedition Everest.  She’s never done it before,  but as she’s keen I want to take her on,  before she gets too scared.   Katie flat out refuses to consider it,  and gets quite cross when we suggest she could try it just once.

She is tall enough!

We get Fast-passes, and the go over and watch Nemo whilst we wait.   I absolutely love this show,   there is something about it that makes me cry overtime.

After the show,  it’s time for our fast-passes, so we go back to Expedition Everest.   Katie decides she isn’t going to ride,  so she waits outside whilst we go in.   We walk straight to the front of the line and are on the ride within a few minutes.   Molly is a bit nervous but she insists she’s ‘ok with it’.    The ride is fast, furious, backwards and a little bit upside down,  and when we get off she’s quite quiet.   She says it was ok but she thinks she’ll wait until she’s 12 before she does it again.   However,  15 minutes later she’s full of bravado and telling Katie it was awesome and she’s doing it again next week.    We shall see.   We find Katie who’s cross with herself for not riding,  but still doesn’t want to try it.

They both really want to do Kali River Rapids,   so we head over there and pick up fast-passes.   These are for 2:45,  and it’s not even 1 yet,  so we have some time to wait.  It is incredibly hot in the park,  and really,  we just want to be inside,   so even though our ADR is for 1:30 we go over to the Tusker House early.   We are seated immediately and the place is pretty empty.   There are only a handful of families in here, and I would have thought 1pm was pretty prime lunchtime.

This is a buffet and it’s lovely.   There’s roast beef and roast pork.  The pork in particular was very nice. Salmon in a spicy sauce,  Chicken Curry,  Some lovely mashed potato with gravy.   A few different rices and couscouses,  Pita bread and Hummous, Chocolate and Mango bread,   and thats only what I ate!!!

The desserts are the typical Disney buffet style,  which means loads to choose from but the tiniest morsels you’ve ever seen.    I had a molten chocolate cake,  a macaroon,  a lemon tart and something else.   They also had hot puddings,  Katie had a cobbler that she couldn’t stop raving about,  she said it was the best pudding ever!

We finish up lunch,  and head over towards Kali River Rapids.   On the way we see Devine,  so we stop and watch her for a few minutes and take some photos.

When we get to Asia we are still too early,  so we walk around the Mahrajah Tiger Trail and see lots of Tigers.   Well at least 3.   We also see lots of bats.   Some absolutely enormous bats! And they are moving too….  They are all fanning themselves as it’s so hot.  It’s quite bizarre to watch them.

At the end of the trail, it’s finally time for Kali River Rapids.    We are absolutely red hot and all looking forward to getting wet and cooling down.   We walk right to the front of the queue with our fast-pass,  and then have to wait for ages whilst the standby line go in.   Whilst we are waiting,  the temperature drops dramatically,  it goes from painfully hot to quite comfortable,   which is nice,  except now I am not sure if I want to get wet.   The clouds are also starting to turn dark and look quite ominous.   We are eventually boarded, and just as we are fastening our seatbelts they close the ride.   As we are in a boat and on our way,  we are allowed to ride, but we are the last boat,  behind us there are just empty boats.

We joke that we are going to get wet one way or another, as it’s about to chuck it down,  but miraculously it stays dry (at least it doesn’t rain),   we still get pretty wet from the ride.   When we get off the ride,  they are very keen to get us out of the boat and onto the dock as quickly as possible before the lightening starts.

We are pretty tired now,  and the prospect of rain isn’t very appealing,   so we decide it’s time to leave.   We make our way out of the park,  via the tram and just as we are walking back to the car the rain drops start.    We are pretty lucky as we are all safely in the car before it gets really heavy.

Our next stop is Target.  This is my favourite shop,   and I was getting antsy as we hadn’t been there yet.   We head to the SuperTarget on the 192,  and fill our trolley.   The girls get some Converse,   I buy some bedding for Molly’s new room.  

,  we get some food etc.   Quite a nice trolleyfull 🙂

After Target,  we make a quick trip into Joann’s.  I get a few scrapbooking supplies as they are having a 40% off sale,  but I am quite reserved I think.  I get a new die, a lovely border punch and some Kraft cardstock.

We head back to the room,  and I try and type up some trip report notes,  whilst the kids do some gymnastic type activities which involves chucking each other across the bed.    This becomes a little boring for me quite quickly.  They think it’s fab, and even Phil is joining in on the act.   Before I injure one of my precious offspring,  I bundle them into the car and we head off to Downtown Disney.    OMG,  It’s heaving.   It’s a Saturday night so I shouldn’t be surprised,  but there are people everywhere.    We make our way around to Earl of Sandwich,  which actually isn’t too bad considering.   We order 2 pizza sandwiches, and 2 roast beef sandwiches, and we also all get a dessert.    The food is pretty good,  and we manage to get a table (which is a minor miracle considering the crowds)  so all in all, it’s a pretty good result.

After eating,  we have a look through the shops,  Phil is determined to find a Disney key rack for the house, but we haven’t seen anything yet.     Katie spots some nice looking checked shirts and thinks she might like one of those,  and Molly just wants everything.    It’s starting to get late,  so we head back home and call it a night.

3 thoughts on “Princesses, Potions, and Yeti’s

  1. Love the bedding, funny how Target is so special now, i think when we lived there you would only have school supplies, and Chris had those Garanamla clothing, dreadful when I think about it now, Must have scared him for life…. Love reading your blog almost as good as being with you. well in my dreams. Ideas for Molly’s you know what on Sept 3.

  2. Ah, my favourite park 🙂
    Love your photos again, especially that tiger. And you’ve made me nostalgic for Tusker House. I think we must have the same favourite eating places as you seem to be heading for all the places that we do. We like Earl of Sandwich too.

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