Princesses, Potions, and Polynesian Adventures.

Day 6

We are having a late breakfast at Ohana’s this morning,   so we have a bit of a sleep in,  and then make our way to the bus stop.   The plan is to get a bus to MK and then a boat to the Poly.   We give ourselves over an hour to get there,  but it all takes rather a long time,  with a lot of waiting for buses and boats,   and we end up in a bit of a rush.

We get there just in time, and are quickly seated.  We’d never done Ohana’s for breakfast before,   so we didn’t really know what to expect.    It’s served ‘Family style’ and they bring out a skillet of eggs, bacon, sausages etc.    There are also Mickey Waffles,  and a platter of fruit.

If I am honest,  we are all totally over the dining plan now.   We don’t normally eat this much and we are all a bit sick of sit-down meals.     The food at Ohana is quite nice,  but noone eats very much.     We met Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto and they are all quite good fun,   but it’s all fairly average.  Gosh,  don’t I sound like a moaning minnie!   It’s not that it wasn’t good,  just that we really couldn’t be bothered.

After breakfast,  we got the monorail around to MK.  This was pretty cool,  we don’t seem to go on the  monorail very often these days,   so we were excited to have a ride.

We headed into MK and Molly wants to do Splash Mountain,   so we head straight around there to get a fast pass.   On the way,  we see Peter Pan,  so we stop for a quick photograph.  Once we get to Splash,   we pick up a fast pass and then decide to ride Big Thunder in the Standby line, which is showing 20 minutes.   We don’t time it,  but it doesn’t feel any longer than 20 minutes and we are quickly on the ride.   It’s quite fast.  Faster than I remember actually.

After Big Thunder,   we walk back through the park,  I think maybe we did Pirates,  and then as we are passing the Enchanted Tiki Room we see that they are open with the new show.    We go straight in,  and apparently it’s only the third time that they’ve done the show.   It’s absolutely packed out, and there are loads of cast members watching it.   There’s a real air of anticipation because it’s a new show and no-one has seen it before. (Except, that it’s actually a reprisal of a very old show so there were quite a few die hard fans in to make sure it was true to the original).
I really enjoyed it,   they have removed the comedy duo and they actually perform each song rather than the interruptions with jokes they had before.    All the birds look really new and bright as well.

As we emerge from the Tiki Rooms,  it’s hot.   Really really hot.   So,  I look around for something inside,  where it’s cool and dark…..   For some reason, the Country Bear Jamboree seems like a good idea.   It’s quite a few years since we’ve been in here,   so many that Molly can’t remember it.   A few minutes after it starts,  I remember why we don’t normally bother.   It’s pretty bad.  It is however,  cool and dark,  and I manage a quick 20 minute nap.

Molly desperately wants to ride It’s a Small World,  so we head off in that direction,  but halfway there she tells me my bumbag is ringing.   Dave & Bev have just arrived on Main Street,   so we do an about turn, and head off to Casey’s corner to meet them.   Whilst we are standing on Casey’s corner the weather starts to turn,   and it looks like it might rain.    The rain never really appears,  but it does cool down considerably which is a welcome relief.

So,  next stop,  It’s a Small World.   and,  there is a queue!  What’s that all about ?   They have changed the boarding here as well,  so you now queue on the other side of the river.   The queue isn’t too bad,  and we are given two rows of seating,  the kids all leap in front,  which leaves the adults,  rather,  mum,   squashed,  into the back row.   The boat seems to be leaning rather precariously as well!    We manage to make it around the Small World without capsizing!

Our fastpasses for Splash are now open.  We’ve got 4 fastpasses,    so Phil takes Katie, Molly and Nicola on the ride, and the rest of us grab a Mickey Bar and go and sit in the shade.    There is a spot under the railway station which isn’t exactly quiet (due to the trains) but is very well shaded,  and we grab a wall and sit there.   We are on a mission to use some snack credits today,   as we have started the day with 22 left and we only have 2 more days to use them.

When the kids appear,  they get Mickey bars as well,  so that’s 8 credits used up and I am feeling more relaxed about them.   I really don’t want to get to the last day and end up buying boxes of stuff we don’t want just to use them up.

Mickey bars enjoyed, and we are off on a trip through the Jungle.    There is a short line here,  but it’s not too bad and we are pretty quickly on our  cruise through the Amazon.   Our tour guide is quite funny and Molly thinks the whole thing is great.   I don’t think she can remember riding it before,  so she’s quite excited at each new turn.

Next Stop,  the Tiki Rooms again.  Well,  it’s new,  and it’s cool and we get to sit down.    I’m not fussy really,   I’ll do anything that lets me sit down in the cool.

James really wants to do Buzz Lightyear,   so we move our party over to Tomorrowland and pick up some Fastpasses.  We have about an hour to wait,   so we decide to go into Stiches Great Escape.  We’ve never ridden this as it’s used to be Alien Adventure and had quite a reputation for being scary.   Katie’s really not keen,  but her partner in fear, James,  says it’s ok so she agrees to come along.   It’s nowhere near as scary as I’d been led to believe.   It is quite dark at one point,  but the kids know Stitch and aren’t going to be scared of him escaping,  so it’s not especially scary.   As we emerge from Stitch,  Molly announces that her feet hurt.   She’s got new converse on, and they are rubbing her toes.   We buy her some new socks,  and she seems to be ok for now.    The kids head off to do the Peoplemover,  and we sit down for a rest.    I spot a place selling smoothies that I’d never noticed before,   and decide to try and iced coffee float.   Wow,  this was delicious.  I’m afraid I didn’t take a picture as I was so busy drinking it.   I will have to go back and get another,  purely for the sake of the blog,  you understand!

Just as we finish our coffees,  the kids return from the Peoplemover and it’s time for Buzz Lightyear.   We walk straight in,  and the kids all ride together so I end up riding with Phil.   I normally ride with Molly, so I get to drive and she shoots.  It’s quite strange riding with Phil,   we keep fighting over which way we want the car to go.     I get a paltry 15000,  Phil has 200,000 and we think that’s pretty good until Katie tells us she scored 999,999.   I don’t know how she managed that!

Our last stop in the Magic Kingdom is Carousel of Progress.   It’s an old family favourite and yet another sit down in the cool.   Do you sense a theme here.    I manage to watch the show,  but a few members of our party take the opportunity to catch up on some sleep.

After the show we have to say goodbye to Dave and Bev, as we’ve been invited to meet some other Dibbers at the Contemporary.    We decide to walk over there and have a quick meal and freshen up before we meet them.   We have just over an hour to accomplish this.   Unfortunately,   this next hour doesn’t go particularly well.    It’s still quite hot (It’s 7pm by now),    Molly’s feet are really starting to hurt and she doesn’t really want to walk another step.     She attempts to sit down on the pavement a few times,  and I have to urge her to get up and ‘just keep walking’,   we do make it to the Contemporary eventually and we must look a right state.  We are hot, bothered, grumpy and hungry.     We find our way to the Contempo Cafe and attempt to order a meal.   This is not easy.   They have menus on the wall,  and then you order from a kiosk.     We are on the dining plan and it’s not at all apparent what is, or isn’t, included in our meal.    At each step of the way,  the system encourages you to order something else,  which we assumed was including in the plan but we discovered at the till that it wasn’t.   They were able to fix it all,  but after a stressful walk,  we really didn’t have the patience to figure it all out.   When you pay for your food, you are given a pager, and they prepare it for you, and then you go and collect it.   I like the food, and the concept, but they really need some clear signs around about what is/isn’t included.  This is true in a lot of places.

Katie and I both had pasta,  molly had a pizza, and I think Phil had a roast beef sandwich.  the food was quite nice, and we enjoyed it.  We collected some more uneaten desserts,  we have quite a fridgeful right now!

Molly’s feet are really sore now, and she’s taken her shoes off.   We can’t really go over to Bay Lake Towers with no shoes,  so Katie and I go off to the shop to see what we can find.  We end up buying her some Mickey Flip Flops which I expect with get worn once and never again,  but we were a little bit desperate,  and really I should have realised new shoes were a bad idea on a long day.
It’s now 5 to 8 and we are meeting our friends at 8,    so it’s time for a quick change.  We dive into the restroom and have a freshen up,  change our clothes etc,  and then rush over to the BLT.   I am sure we must have looked a right sight when we arrived.  We were hot, bothered and very flustered.  It wasn’t the impression I had been hoping to make!
Luckily,  everyone is absolutely lovely.    We are escorted unto the 15th floor and settle into the Top of the Lounge bar.   Glass of wine in hand,  and we are starting to relax a little.   We have a little giggle as the kids are all bought out drinks in lidded cups with straws.  I guess Molly is still little,  but the smallest ‘kid’ was celebrating her 19th birthday!

I should have taken some great photos, as the view is brilliant.   But I’m afraid,  there was wine, and chat to be done,  and I totally forgot. Instead, Molly took charge of the camera,  and took a selection of very interesting photographs.   You can see some of them here….  

We all chat, and compare holiday stories until it’s time for Wishes.    Phil takes Molly out on the observation deck (did I mention  we are on the 15th floor…..)    The deck has a very high wall,  which would be fine, except it means she cant’ see over it,   so he picks her up,  and I am trying to remain calm when he starts to put her on his shoulders.   I can’t do that,  so I dash outside and she is put safely back on the floor.   They tell me my fear of heights is irrational,  but it feels very rational to me.   It’s not so much a fear of heights, as a fear of falling!
Molly stands on a bench at the back of the deck,  and I stand with her, and try not to think about all the other children which are being held up near the edge.  I can’t help it,  my mind goes into overdrive when I see a child near an edge.
Wishes starts, and they pipe the music in,  so we get the full effect.    It’s brilliant, and I try and block out any images of falling children and just concentrate on the fireworks.   it sort of works.

After wishes we move around to the back of the resort,  where we can see the end of the Light pageant.   This balcony has railings that Molly can see through,  so all is good back here.

It’s getting late now, so we say our goodbyes.   We are heading back to the MK to catch a bus home to bed,  but Smax, Theresly and the girls are heading back into Magic Kingdom.  It’s open until 3am and they are hoping to make the most of it!
My girls fall asleep as soon as they get on the bus,   and I have to wake them to get back to the hotel room.   We are all tucked up in bed at midnight.   It’s been a very busy, long day,   but a really good one.

4 thoughts on “Princesses, Potions, and Polynesian Adventures.

  1. Molly’s photos are ace! 🙂
    And I’m right there with you on the whole fear of heights thing. It’s not the being high up that’s the issue, it’s the ceasing to be high up.

  2. great reports bev, I’m really enjoying them. I can sympathise with the breakfasts – when we were in DLP we had breakfast booked miles from our resort hotel at the back of the MK on the last morning, and it was just seemed a really long way to go for a cup of coffee, and a breakfast buffet scrum.

  3. Woe, that was a long day, Bev! Will have to find those iced coffees! Sounds like a lovely way to see Wishes. (Oh, and well done Katie on your Buzz score – Nigel is very jealous!)

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