Day 15, Princesses, Potions and flying Parasols

Day 15


Well,  today’s the day we would normally be flying home,   but we’re having a bonus week 🙂  I am really pleased we are doing the 3 weeks as we definitely aren’t ready to go home yet.


We are moving to Cocoa Beach today to spend 2 days on the beach before our cruise.    However,  Hurricane Irene is causing a lot of concern,  so I spend quite a lot of time watching the news and online trying to determine if it’s safe to even go to the Beach and whether we will get on our cruise.    it appears that if the Hurricane does hit Port Canaveral/Cocoa Beach it won’t be until after we’ve left so we decide to go ahead and move.   Apart from anything else,  we’ve nowhere else to stay (although I suppose in a crisis this wouldn’t have been an insurmountable problem)


We pack up which seems to take forever,   and then go for a little walk around the resort.  We’ve been here for a week but we haven’t done many of my ‘must do’ things.    I guess we will just have to come back.

We load up the car and follow our friends out of the resort.   They stop at the Hess station for supplies and we discover this little gem.  I wish we’d stopped here earlier,  they have all sorts and at much more normal prices.   We just get some donuts for breakfast, but they’ve got sandwiches and burgers etc,    definitely an option when you don’t fancy a big onsite meal.


Stocked up,   we head out to Cocoa Beach.  It’s not a bad drive and the sun is shining,   it’s quite hard to believe we are worrying about an impending Hurricane.


As we arrive at Cocoa Beach,   we start looking for our hotel.   We drive down the A1A for quite a while,   then we turn around and drive back up the A1A,    we finally find the road which has got the worlds tiniest road sign.   it’s not wonder we didn’t spot it.


We are staying at the La Quinta which is literally next door to the Cocoa Beach pier.   It’s quite nice,  I think it’s been recently refurbished and there are wood floors in the rooms which makes sense given the amount of sand we have brought up.

We’ve got a view over the sea and the pier and it looks very inviting,  so a quick change and we head down to the beach.


We are on the beach for an hour or so,  the sea is warm and it’s all quite pleasant.

Then a dark cloud rolls in so we decide to move towards the hotel.   The kids jump in the pool and we get some drinks.     Very quickly the wind picks up and the pool furniture starts to blow around.   It’s pretty scary actually.   We grab the kids and run inside.  Not before a pool umbrella literally takes off in front of us.

We all sit in the lobby for a while,  watching the storm, and hurricane news on the tv,  and I must admit to wondering what on earth we are doing at the coast in the path of a hurricane.   But,  this isn’t a hurricane,  it’s just a storm,  and quite a short one and a couple of hours later the weather is beautiful again.

After the storm, we meet up for dinner.   We drive out to Jetty Park and walk along the pier.  It’s very quiet, just a few fisherman.      There are loads of turtles in the water,  including a mythical ‘very big one’, that many people report to have seen but noone seems to be able to capture on film.

After our walk,  we go to a restaurant called Grills for dinner.    This is tucked away amid the fishing boats.   Dinner was good  but in these chilled out laid back days, I can’t remember what we ate.  Just that it was relaxed and good,  and I had a cocktail or two.

After dinner we make a brief stop at a Walmart for some supplies and then to bed.  There’s more beach’ing to be done tomorrow

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