Day 18 – Princesses, Potions and Pirates IN the Carribbean

Day 18.

I am rudely awoken by my phone informing me that it’s fully charged.    I don’t know why it decided to ring to tell me this,  but it did,  and I wasn’t best pleased!!

I manage to get back to sleep, and the next thing I know the phone is ringing and the Spencers want to know if we are ready for breakfast.   Umm no,    we are all unconscious.    We manage to rouse everybody and Molly is desperate to go swimming,  so we put on our costumes and head up to Cabana’s for some breakfast.    We find a table near the pool and have some breakfast outside.   Molly had 2 bites and declares herself done and ready to swim so she goes into the Nemo kids area which is lots of squirty water jets.    Our table is right next to this area so she keeps appearing and waving at us periodically.

After breakfast we try and find a chair with a view of the pool so the kids can swim.   in typical holiday fashion all sun-loungers are occupied by a pair of flip-flops or a towel, but no-one is actually sitting on them.   Whilst we are looking we see Dave and Bev on the upper deck.  We head upstairs to see them and when we get there,   they’ve vanished.     We’re a little confused until we see them on the lower deck!  We’d gone up one set of stairs as they came down the other!

We end up sat at a table without a view of the pool,  and the kids finally get to go in the water.    They have a turn down the Mickey slide and a bit of a splash.  We are right near the drinks dispensers,  so we have a drink in the sunshine and then the kids (and Phil) have a go on the Aqua Duck.   This is extremely popular,  so there’s quite a long wait for each ride.   They all come back and report that it’s brilliant.

We are still heading for Nassau,  but all Port excursions have been cancelled.   We can see land ahead,  and we watch the pilot ship pull along side and the pilot jump across!  We decide to go up to the front of the ship and watch it dock.  As the land gets closer, we aren’t really sure what state we will find Nassau in.   For the most part it doesn’t look too badly damaged,  but the Straw Market is completely destroyed.   It is a fairly temporary structure and it looks like it has just been blown away.

After we dock,    it’s nearly time for lunch,   so we drag the kids out of the pool and dress for lunch in the Royal Palace restaurant.

After lunch, Dave, Bev & Nicola decide to walk into Nassau and see if there are any stalls left,  the kids go up to play minigolf, and we watch them for a while.   When they are finished, they do a detective quiz around the ship, and Phil and I go for a coffee in the Cove Cafe.    For a ‘quiet’ adult area,  it’s rather noisy as we are just through the screen from the pizza counter.

After we finish our coffee,  we get a text from the kids to say they have done the detective thing.   Dave and Bev are back from Nassau,  so James goes off to find them,  and we go back down to the room.   We’ve got a couple of hours until dinner,  so Katie decides to go up to the Edge and see w   hat’s happening,   and we have a much needed nap.

We wake up from our nap,   and get ready for Pirate night.  By this point the presents are coming in thick and fast, and we’ve got loads of piratey loot to embellish our outfits.    We get ready and head into the Royal Palace for dinner.   This restaurant is for the Princesses and the waiters look very smart in their outfits.

During Dinner it is announced that we will not be going to Castaway Cay tomorrow,  but will instead be returning to Nassau for the morning.

Molly has dinner and then declares herself tired and that she must go to bed.   She’s not going to be happy with the kids club or any alternative she wants her bed,   so I take her back to the cabin whilst Phil watches the show and Katie and James go to see Pirates of the Caribbean.    Molly puts the telly on, and we sit in bed watching Narnia.   She doesn’t appear to be remotely tired but she’s quite happy to be chilled out in bed,  and if I am honest, so am I.    After an hour or so, Katie and James return,  declaring their film boring,      and then Phil returns from the Villains show.   We all get ready and head up to Deck 12 for the fireworks.   Molly has had a second wind and is now full of energy!

The fireworks are good, and the stage show with Captain Jack Sparrow is pretty impressive too.  Captain Jack is really good!


After the show,  I realise I am starving so we head into Cabana’s for a late night snack.    I  have a jacket potato and a steak wrap and it just hits the spot.

After our ‘nearly’ midnight feast,  it’s time for bed.

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