Day 19 – Princesses, Potions, and Posh Night.

Day 19

The final day of our cruise,  and we are getting worryingly close to the end of our holiday.

We are all really tired,  this has been a good holiday but definitely not a relaxing one.   Even with three weeks, we seem to have been on the go all the time.    We all wake up slowly and make our way up to Cabanas for breakfast.   I prefer the relaxed buffet for breakfast, rather than the formal dining room.  There’s loads to choose from, and it doesn’t seem to be too crowded,  probably because we are running late.

We decide to go into Nassau for a walk around.    The kids aren’t interested so Molly goes to the kids club,  and Katie & James go off and do whatever it is 13 year olds do.   I think they watch Cars 2.

We head off the dock and it’s really quiet,  we are the only cruise ship in and since we were in dock yesterday I don’t think many people have left the ship.    There are quite a few people offering taxis etc but they aren’t too pushy.   We wander along towards the Straw Market and it’s quite sad.  It’s just devastated,     it looks like they were already building a more permanent structure,  so we suspect this one is just going to be demolished rather than rebuilt.    The high street is very quiet,   and we take in a few t-shirt shops, but really nothing takes my fancy.  We end up in a small bar and I have a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri which is basically a Smoothie,  the others have Beer.      It is really hot in Nassau, particularly after the air-conditioned ship,   so I decide to head back to the ship. Phil and I leave Dave, Bev and Nicola and walk back.   We are almost back when the heavens open and we get drowned!   It only rains for about 5 minutes, but we timed it just wrong so we got soaked!

We are on Deck 2, so it’s very handy to get back to the cabin and get changed.   Phil is talking about lunch but I am suddenly exhausted and can barely lift my head off the pillow,   so he goes to pick up Molly from the kids club whilst I have a nap.    I can’t really nap as I am aware the host is likely to come in and do the room,  but I rest a while and then decide to go and find Phil and see what’s happening.      I find Katie and James having some pizza on Deck 5 and whilst I am talking to them, I spot Molly and Phil across the atrium,  they are doing a Detective game around the ship.       Phil and I decide to go and get some lunch,  so Katie and James take Molly to finish her Detective game.    We go up to Cabanas and get some lunch.   We are quite pleased to find Chicken Pie on the menu ,  we’ve all been craving a pie for a few days 🙂     We take our food outside and sit on the deck in the sunshine, and it’s all rather lovely.   Pie and Chips,  a cold drink,   a gorgeous view.   What more could you really want ?

After lunch,  I text the kids and they are all watching the tv in our room,  so we go down and retrieve them.     We decide to go to an Animation class,  and we all learn to draw Mickey and then Phineas and Ferb,    The class is quite good, but the animators at MGM are definitely better artists,  although I am not at all sure it makes any difference to my finished piece of artwork!

The big kids head off again,  and we go back down to the cabin to pack.    We have to be all packed by 10pm,  and on our last cruise that caused a bit of a panic,  so we want to be more prepared this time.

We manage to get mostly packed and Molly and I decide to go to the early showing of the evening show,  as she has been finding the late show to late for her to enjoy.

The show is called Believe, and it’s quite good.    it’s got lots of snippets from various shows in it, and of course a happy ending.   I might even have had a tear in my eye by the end 🙂

It’s getting late now,  so we go back to the cabin and get dressed up for Formal night,  then head into the atrium for a photograph.   I’d really like a full family photo, and a Mickey photo, and a Minnie one,  but we don’t have time,  so we opt for a photo with Mickey.    We don’t seem to have had many photos taken this time,  which is a blessing for the bank balance,  but also a little bit disappointing.  On our last cruise we really struggled to choose which ones to buy , and we have the ones we chose on display at home.   This time I think there will only be the  one to choose from.

After the photo it’s down into Animators Palate for dinner.   They have this restaurant on the Wonder,  but although the name is the same,  the theme is quite different.   This version has screens that come to life and characters speak to the guests.  Crush asks us where we are from, and how we would say ‘hello’ in England.  Dave tells him ‘Good Afternoon, Sir’,   and Crush swims around the restaurant telling people that in England we say ‘Good Afternoon, Sir’    It’s quite funny.

Molly heads off to the kids club after she’s eaten,  this routine seems to work well,  she has her dinner whilst we have our starters, and then she goes to the kids club whilst we finish her meal.

The rest of the group go to watch the show,   but having seen it earlier with Molly I decide to take some time out.    I have a wander around the shops,   but worryingly,  I can’t find anything I want to buy.   I think I must be ill!    After I’ve scoured the shops unsuccessfully,  I pop up to see if Molly wants to leave the kids club.  She’s watching a movie and wants to stay there,    so I leave her too it and return to the cabin for a break.     Which is where I am now.     In about half an hour, the show will be over and I will meet up with everyone,  and then later tonight there is a goodbye party which we will all be going too.

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