Playing with my new camera

So,  last month I was on holiday and I took 1000s of photographs that looked sort of like this


Also on holiday at the same time was my friend Alison, who took pictures like this

Come and buy

When I got home, and I started to see Alison’s photos, I decided enough was enough, I wanted to learn how to take better photos.

That started with the purchase of a new camera, but I’m under no illusions that all it takes is a fancy new camera.

So when I stumbled upon

I decided to pay attention.

The first lesson was to read the manual, so I scoured it last night and learned how to change my ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture, and then today we got to pick up the camera and experiment.
The instructions were to set the ISO and Aperture static, and change the shutter speed. My subject matter is quite boring but the results were interesting.

As instructed, I took one on every speed but I’ve just put 6 together here. It’s quite cool to see exactly how the shutter speed affects the light. They were all taken in the same conditions, but some look like midday, and other’s late night.


One comment

  1. This looks like a course I need to go on – I have too many pictures of the back end of a pony disappearing off camera becuase I’m too slow to capture the action!

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