North Shields Fish Quay

So, in more adventures with my camera, I decided to take a walk down the Fish Quay this morning whilst Molly was at her dancing class. I thought I’d find lots of interesting subject matter, but I found it a bit more tricky than I was expecting.

I started with my kit lens, and took a photo of these boats

but I thought it was a bit boring, so I changed over to the zoom lens, and used that for the rest of the walk.
I’m sure there’s a place for the smaller lens, but I definitely prefer the zoomier one at the moment.

I prefer this, it just feels a bit more personal, but it’s still a little bit boring.

This is quite an interesting shop, it’s been there for years, and sells all sorts of random things, including bacon which it claims is the best ever. I must admit I’ve never tried it.

There are lots of very steep staircases coming up off the quayside, and I was attracted to these, but they are quite hard to capture.

This is quite a good example of short depth of field, which was my lesson for today.
and so it this

This is a rather random shot, but there was a binbag overflowing on the ground, and I noticed it was full of these

I’ve no idea what it is, but it looks quite gruesome, I wouldn’t like to encounter it in the sea!

This fella is a bit cuter to look at

and one parting shot of some more stairs.

From fishquay

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