Live and Deadly Roadshow

Late last night, a Dibber offered up some spare tickets to the Live and Deadly Roadshow. I thought it might be a fun day out, and a chance to play with the camera, so I grabbed the tickets and off we went.

It was a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. We should have known something was up when we had to queue just to get in.

We were eventually in, and our first stop was to see some Birds of Prey.

Molly fancied the Art tent, but I didn’t fancy that queue

so we did the Deadly Scene Investigation instead

this was a bit poor to be honest, some signs on a fence and some clues in a leaflet. I think they could have come up with something a bit better – however, it had no queue, so it gets high marks simply for that.

Those two things done, and now everything had a queue. We had just missed the Bird show with Naomi, so we walked over to the other side of the field, and spotted her showing off her friend the owl.

Phil offered to go stand in line for the ‘yellow tent’, which had the longest queue in the arena, this was at 11;45, and we wanted to see the bird show at 1:30 and the Live and Deadly show at 2:00. We didn’t think this was going to be a problem…. Whilst Phil was queuing, Molly went over to try the obstacle course.

This guy was showing off while they waited

This was ok but so slowly moving, and for no need. They were taking groups of 15 in and then they each got about 15 minutes, but if they had just rearranged the course they could have had people continuously moving along it.
While Molly’s group was warming up, a film crew came in and had them all shout ‘Deadly’ into the camera. Molly should be easy to spot in her fetching blue hat.

and gave me a quick smile

and then we went to find Phil, who was still waiting

We debated what to do, and decided to try and get some food. there was no food in the event itself, but there were some stands just outside. Molly and I went off to buy some Hog Roast sandwiches, which when we eventually got them, where delicious. I’ve moaned about queues enough, but suffice it to say, we had to queue here as well.

By the time we’d eaten, we were nearly at the entrance of this darned yellow tent, and it was also nearly 1:30 when Naomi’s show was starting. What to do? Abandon the endless queue and watch the show, or stick it out. Well, after all that waiting, of course, we stuck it out and missed the show.
Inside the tent, there were some animals to see and to hold. I discovered why the queue was so long. The tent was tiny, there was loads crammed in, and noone organising things at all, so noone was moving at all, kids were just stood watching something and not moving (and to be fair, after they’d queued for 2 hours, I wasn’t going to move them on)

The tent was yellow which made photography a little tricky.
We met a mearcat


a lizard

is this a preying mantis?

and this guy (identity unknown)

As we left the tent, Naomi’s show was just finishing, so we joined the queue for the main Deadly 60 show. We’d been given tickets for the 2 o’clock showing so were fairly sure we’d not have to wait too long, and to be fair it wasn’t too bad. Although you had to sit on the floor in the tent, and I am getting far too old for sitting on the floor!

The show with Steve was very good, and went on for 45 minutes, so no complaints about this, it was very good, and he talked the whole time.The show finished at 5 to 3, and Naomi’s show started at 3, so we had a big decision to make, did we finally go and see her show, or did we go to the Art tent which no longer had a queue.

Molly had been desperate to get in there all day, so we headed for the Art tent.

Inside, we found Mike from SMART

They drew a wild cat (I think) and afterwards they were able to get an autograph from Mike.

After the Art class, we ran over to the main arena and saw the last half of Naomi’s show. To be honest, it was enough!
They did a lot of tricks with a bird flying through people’s arms

and then we were shattered, and we all just looked at each other and said ‘home’.

We gave it a quick review on the way out, and I was surprised that the kids said they had really enjoyed it. Molly gave it 8 out of 10. I would have said more like 4 or 5. All the things that we got to see were very good, but there just wasn’t enough stuff to see, and none of the exhibits were big enough to cope with the crowds. Apparently there were 8000 people there, and they had 9 activities/events, 2 of which were only running at certain times in the day. It just didn’t have the capacity to deal with the number of people that were there. They ran these last summer, and have already ran 3 or 4 this summer – they ought to have got it better organised by now.



  1. Well, if nothing else you got some great photos, especially that one of Molly’s quick smile. 😀

  2. I feel very expat as I have no idea what this “live and deadly” is – something on ITV perhaps?
    as long as the kids enjoyed it they are half way there – perhaps they could recruit a posse of experienced mothers to manage the crowds and run the event?

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