Photography Class

I have been out today on a Photography Course around Newcastle. The course was run by Neil Atkinson, I have to say, when I first met him I thought he seemed very familiar, but it took me all day to work out why. 15 years ago, he took our wedding photos! Once again proving that it is indeed a small world.

We met up at the Central Bean coffee shop for a latte and a chat about Shutter Speed, Aperture settings etc, and then we headed off for a walk around Newcastle. We went nowhere new, and yet I saw many things I’d never seen before.

Here are some images of Newcastle.

St Andrew's Cemetary

St Andrew's Cemetary


Reflections of Eldon Square

Laing Art Gallery
Flats, reflected
The Swans Water Sculpture
The God of the Tyne

War Memorial

Orange Flower
Newcastle University

and a very rare photo indeed, a picture of me that I don’t hate




  1. Great Pictures Bev, I love the “twin Towers” and the poppy – they are looking very professional.
    (and did’nt you both look young and sweet in your wedding photo!)
    Love Jane

  2. Fantastic photographs Bev, I love every one of them 🙂

  3. Amazing photos Bev – really impresssive! Love your website, how can I set up something similar?

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