Scrapbooking last years trip

I’m trying to finish my album from last year, before we leave again this year!  I’m also trying to get used to typing on Phil’s netbook.  The keys are just ever so slightly too close together and it trips my fingers up.

I’m trying out a few options.  There’s a photo on it’s own.

and here’s a slideshow

The text is too small to read,  but it’s all from the blog so if you want to read, then just go back a few posts (only a very few as I’ve barely blogged since then)


The slideshow isn’t appearing, but if you click on the picture you can see it that way.

One thought on “Scrapbooking last years trip

  1. I like that! In fact, I like all of the pages you’ve done for the album. So much so that I’m very nearly tempted to do something with my photos from last year.

    And I haven’t scrapped for around two years?

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