Day 3–Wishes at the top of the world.

After a long day travelling, and then a long day at Magic Kingdom,   we are all exhausted.  The lovely jetlag wakes me up early,  so I get up and do my trip report,   but we don’t make any attempt to get up and do anything.   Phil goes for a walk around the lake to get some coffee,   and reports back that we can have breakfast in the Pepper Market until 11am.

He took some photos on his walk.



After a very lazy morning,  where I Dibb, and the kids watch Matilda on the ipod,   we eventually get ourselves all up and dressed and we go to the Pepper Market for a breakfast buffet.  This is a only Quick Service credit,   which makes it bargain for anyone on the QSDP.    It’s all you can eat, and we had pancakes, sausages, bacon, yoghurt, granola, potatoes,   there was an omelette  station,  danishes,  bagels etc.   Everything you’d get at a full service breakfast.

I think we will be back here before the week is out.

We decided to go to Walmart,  so we all get in the car,  and Phil asks me where Walmart is.   This causes some amusement,  as we’ve been to Orlando a few times before, and we always go to Walmart.  Plus earlier in the week he’d been spotted studying the map so he would know where to go,  but apparently he hadn’t studied the way to  Walmart.  Anyway, I decide to give him directions so we can actually get there today. (although I was tempted to let him try and find it himself)

We pick up a few things in Walmart,   the most important being sunscreen as the partial bottle we brought with us turns out to be extremely partial and it’s run out.   We pick up the sunscreen and a few bits and pieces,  and I looked for some ideas for things we could microwave in the studio next week,   there looks to be plenty of options as long as we aren’t too fussy about being healthy!

My reading glasses had broken on the plane,  so I took them into the optician but he said they were beyond repair,   so I picked up a pair for $5!   They appear to work just as well as my real glasses,  I think I might bring a few pairs home.

The girls want some Converse,  so our next stop is Premium Outlets.   The parking lot is packed, so it takes us a while to get parked, but eventually we find a spot and go in.    Katie wants some black converse,   and of course, black are the only colour that aren’t in the sale!   Phil and Molly each get a pair,   and we get Katie’s black ones as well,  so we emerge with 3 pairs.    We also went into the Crocs shop,  but I couldn’t find any that I liked,  so we came out empty handed.

We are starting to get hungry,  so we decided to head back to Disneyworld so that we can use our dining plan.     We opt to try the Riverside foodcourt,  as I’d head some good things,   and it was a good choice.   Katie and I had a ‘make your own’ pasta,  Phil had a burger and Molly had pizza.   Molly will choose pizza for every meal,  so I think I’m going to have to intervene and suggest she tries something different shortly.

2012 Orlando Day 3

After our late lunch we head back to our room and relax for a few hours.   I had a nap,  and Phil and Molly went swimming.


Around 7pm,  we headed out to meet Barry and Caron at the Top of the World Lounge at Bay Lake Towers.    We took the bus over to Magic Kingdom so that Phil could have a drink,  and then we walked across to BLT.   Caron met us at the door, and took us on a tour around the resort.


This is the view from their Balcony.


We found ourselves a cosy nook in the bar,  and ordered some drinks and some pretzels (for tea Smile )

Molly took some photos



and Phil was introduced to Long Island Iced Tea


We went outside to watch Wishes from the Balcony, I’d hoped to get some great photos, but it was really crowded and I didn’t bring my tripod,   so instead I got some blurry photos.   I’ll have to try again later on.




All too soon the evening was over and it was time to say goodnight.   We walked back to Magic Kingdom and got the bus home.

3 thoughts on “Day 3–Wishes at the top of the world.

  1. That sounds a lovely day and I could just tuck into that pasta right now. Must add Riverside foodcourt to my list of ‘must try eateries’.
    Love that underwater photo!

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