Day 4 Movie Day @ Epcot

Yesterday,  the plan was to get up early and meet Dave & Bev at Epcot.   However,  everyone was still sleeping at 8am,   so we didn’t actually make it to Epcot until 10.   We decided to take the bus to the park and we had to wait ages for a bus.   Normally we don’t find them to bad,  but I was starting to think we should have just taken the car!   Eventually the bus arrives,  and we are on our way to Epcot.   We are fairly quickly into the park, and I pop into the Camera store and buy a new camera strap for my camera.   I’ve had my eye on a Disney strap for ages,  so I’m pleased to get one.

Dave and Bev meet us outside the store,   and we have a quick debate about what to do.  We think we might try Ellen’s Energy Adventure as that rarely has a long ride, but when we get around there it’s closed,  and the board showing the ride times is showing 60 minutes plus for everything.    We opt to go to Living with the Land which has a 10 minute queue.  10 minutes is ok, but it’s pretty rare that you have to wait at all for this,   so the park is definitely crowded.


I took a bunch of photos in here,  for no real reason other than I want to play with my camera and see what I can do.




After the ride,  we took a look at Soarin’,  fastpasses were for 6pm,  and the queue was showing 75 minutes,   so we decide so give it a miss for today.

The kids decide that we should head to Figment next,  and again there is a short queue but it’s not unduely long.    I have a further play with my camera, and I think I change a setting in here and then forget as all the photos for the rest of the day are a little dark.




The kids have a play in the imagination zone,  and I look for some sunglasses.  Yesterday I needed new reading glasses, and today I need new sunglasses.  Not a great week for me and my glasses!


I think I had my settings wrong,  this looks dark but it was extremely bright!

We decided to walk around World Showcase and watch ‘the movies’,  since the crowds seemed very heavy.   We started with a quick drink in Club Cool for a Beverly.


Our first movie is O’Canada,   and we have a short wait for the next movie,   so I decide to put my new camera strap on my camera.  This is like some sort of intelligence test and I wasn’t at all sure I was going to manage it.   I manage to get it attached just as they open the door for the movie.

The movies quite cute, but it would really benefit from some seats!

After the movie,  the kids pick up some Duffy Bears and decide to colour.   I had thought that now they were a bit older we had moved on from colouring, but apparently not.



We walk around to Mexico.  There is a newish counter service restaurant here that I want to try.    We stopped for lunch,  and I’ve got to say,  I was really disappointed.  We had chicken and beef tacos, and Phil had chili.  The tacos were dry and bland.   Not what I would call mexican food at all.  Phil’s chili looked nicer.   They all came with massive quantities of very salty nachos.  The dessert was churros and they were very nice,  but we had 100s of churros between the 4 of us!   I won’t be going back there,  there are much nicer options around the World Showcase.

2012 Orlando Day 41

The kids decide to go into the Mexican pavilion and ride the Donald ride,  whilst we sit outside and have a chat.  It’s to be a theme for the day,  the kids head off to colour and get their bears stamped,  as we find a spot and wait.

Whilst we are waiting in the China area,  a Cast member starts putting up ropes around us,   we end up looking like part of an exhibit.   He says we can stay there until the acrobats start,  so we are quite amused at the idea that we might end up as part of the show.

We continue our theme of wandering and colouring as we move around the World Showcase.   A few drinks and snacks were had, but it’s basically just a very lazy, leisurely stroll.

When we finally found ourselves in France,  we decide to have a little snack and then watch the film.   The film involved a 20 minute sit down in a cool theatre, and it had seats!  So we were very happy.

We then moved onto the UK and the new British band who were very good.   Molly went into meet Pooh & Tigger,  and whilst I was waiting to take the photos, I was bounced on by Tigger who insisted on a cuddle from me as well!  It rather took me by surprise.


After the band,  we moved onto Canada and Off Kilter.  I think Molly was fed up by then,


but an ice-cream cookie sandwich perked her up.

I enjoyed the band,  but after they were finished we decided it was time to head home.


We stopped in for a ride on Spaceship Earth on our way out,  and just as the ride started up the hill ,  a couple on the car in front of Phil stood up and leaped out of the car and ran out of the ride.   I’ve got no idea why they did it,  but it caused chaos.  The ride came to an immediate stop and lights were flashing and sirens going off.   It took quite a while for them to reset everything and then we were on our way.

After Spaceship Earth we caught the bus back to Coronado,  and settled in to watch the Opening Ceremony.    My sister in law was performing in the show,  so we were really excited when we spotted her,  and once we’d seen her we spotted her loads.

London 2012 Olympics The Athletes' Parade - Telegraph - Windows Internet Explorer 7282012 73252 AM.bmp

I watched most of the ceremony but I fell asleep at some point before the UK atheletes entered the stadium.     I woke up just in time to see them light the torch and then I was fast asleep.   It was a brilliant show, and I’m really pleased we managed to see it.

One thought on “Day 4 Movie Day @ Epcot

  1. That sounds great. I love ambling around Epcot. Love the photo of the ‘upside-down waterfall’, even if it is a little dark.
    Can’t believe someone was daft enough to leave their car in SE. I’ve never seen anything like that, thankfully.
    We watched the opening ceremony too and thought it was absolutely wonderful. Glad you managed to see it 🙂

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