Day 5, Swimming, Shopping and Animal Kingdom

We have a very lazy morning.  We lie in, and then head down to the pool,  the kids swim,  I read a book,  we do some laundry,   nothing remotely energetic.

We decide to pop to Target, and then go into Animal Kingdom late on, in the hope that the crowds will have gone and the heat will be less intense.

Since we were on the dining plan,  we stopped off at Downtown Disney for some lunch.  We ate at Cookes of Dublin and had Fish and Chips,.  although Molly opted for Pie and Chips.  They were very nice but not North Shields Fish and Chips.

lunch (1)lunch (2)lunch (3)

After our lunch,  we went to Target,  where we bought a few bits and pieces.  I am after a portable tripod for my camera, but I didn’t see what I was looking for.   The kids got some school bags,  and we bought some snacks for the room.

Our next stop was Animal Kingdom,  and we got here around 4pm,  there were crowds of people leaving as we arrived,  which I hoped was a good sign.    We started at the Lion King,  where we were in the Lion Section.

I took a few photos.IMGP3971


I really enjoy this show,  but if I’m honest I wasn’t really paying attention as I was focusing on the photos.   I’ve always struggled to photograph this before,  so I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

After the show, Molly wanted to do Everest,   so we walked around to see how long the queue was.   It was only 20 minutes,  so she and Phil decided to wait, while Katie and I went for a walk and grabbed a snack.



We met Phil and Molly in the theatre for Finding Nemo,  it was very quiet,  and we decided to sit in the first row of the back section.   In hindsight, we should have sat in the front section as there is a bar in some of my photos,  but Katie pointed out there is action in the middle aisle which we wanted to see.

The show started,  and I was concentrating on taking photos, when I looked up and Dory was talking to Molly!  She was just waiting to go on,  and she was right in front of us.  She was too close for me to get a photo but it was a really cool surprise!



More photos from the shows are here

After the show we headed out of the park, and drove over to Animal Kingdom Lodge for some tea.   We are looking for different Quick Service places to try, and this was a great choice.    We are all after some slightly healthier options.   Molly had chicken and a salad,  I had salmon and rice,  Phil has a chicken salad,  and Katie has a pita bread.  For dessert they all choose fruit, but I let the side down and go for the zebra domes.   I do share them though, as I really don’t need 5!

2012 Orlando Day 5

This was one of my nicest meals so far,  and I would definitely go back to the Mara.

2 thoughts on “Day 5, Swimming, Shopping and Animal Kingdom

  1. I can see the change in your photos…it’s getting in close that is the trick! Mara looks lovely. Only 20 mins for Everest, wow! Fiona x

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