Day 7–Skating, Shopping and Epcot

We started the day with a trip to the ice rink.  We wanted to see what the rink in Orlando was like, and it was a good opportunity for the girls to keep up with their practice.    The rink was up in Orlando, and I had my Satnav all set on my phone to take us there,  unfortunately the phone satnav wouldn’t pick up a single and so I had to ‘wing it’.  We found the rink but it was a little stressful along the way.   The rink (or I should say rinks) are at a huge sports complex with a swimming pool,  basketball, and a massive gym.

Photo 30-07-2012 11 00 11

The girls have a good time skating.  Molly was a little unsure without anyone to chat too, but they both enjoyed it, and did a little bit of practice as well.

After skating, we went to the Altamonte Mall which was very close by.   Molly has been watching matilda on her ipod,  so she bought a copy of the book.   We visited Hollister and picked up a few bargains,  including some stuff for Molly which she was really thrilled about.

We picked up a few bargains in Aeropostale as well,  and had lunch in the food court.  It wasn’t a massive shopping trip,  but we came away with a few bits and pieces.   On the way back down the I4 we stopped in at the Premium Outlets, and Molly got some stuff from PS Aeropostale,  and we bought some Converse and school shoes as well.   Rack Room had shoes on buy one get one half price,  which works out well but it’s frustrating when you want 3 pairs.   We ended up getting 2 pairs but I will get myself a pair of Converse eventually!

By this point,  we were all done with shopping,  so we headed back down to Disney and chilled out in our room for a little while.  Molly and Phil go swimming, and Katie and I just read a while  We have got loads of dining credits left to use by tomorrow,  so we decide to go to Epcot to get some dinner.

It’s pretty late when we get to Epcot,  but the parks is open late so we have plenty of time. The sky looks quite ominous though, so I’m a bit worried we might get wet.


We start on Spaceship Earth, and then walk around to Nemo and the Living Seas.

IMGP4350   We are looking in a tank for ages,  and I tell the kids it must be empty when a shark swims past and I absolutely leapt out of my skin.  it was quite funny!

We decide to go to the Seasons Café in the Land for tea, and on the way I decide to wait for a monorail to come past so I can get a photo.


We have a nice dinner in Season, Kaite and I have chicken and mash, Molly choose chicken and salad and I can’t remember what Phil had.  We all got lovely desserts,  and the best bit was I had an iced coffee to drink.   It was a really nice meal.

We take a ride on Living with the Land,  this has a really different atmosphere after dark.   When we come of the ride,  it’s just a few minutes until Illuminations is due to start.   We walk around to the lake (although I do stop to take this photo)



and manage to find a fairly decent last minute spot.  There is a tree blocking the biggest fireworks,  but we get a good view of the lake.

I haven’t got a tripod, and there’s no convenient bin,  so I don’t get many photos but I did manage one.


After the fireworks, we slowly make our way out of the park, and find these lights in the ground.  Molly had never seen them before and was really impressed.  She spent ages trying to work out how they worked.


Back at our hotel,  it’s time to pack.  We are moving to the Boardwalk tomorrow and we have to try and get everything back into the cases.   It never seems to go back in as well as on the initial journey!

One thought on “Day 7–Skating, Shopping and Epcot

  1. Lovely photos again Bev 🙂
    I could stand for ages giggling at those seagulls. Just seeing that pic makes me want to be there.
    I don’t think I’ve ever been on Living with the land at night. Must try that one year.

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