Day 8–Welcome home, and mgm

So,   it would appear we have been here for a week already.  I’m not exactly sure how as it’s gone by quite quickly and I don’t feel like we’ve done an awful lot.  


We get all packed up and move out of Coronado,  I’m quite sad to leave,  we have enjoyed staying here.

We drive around to the Boardwalk,  and on the way I say to Phil,  my ideal scenario would be that our room was already ready, and we could stay in it for the full 2 weeks (we have 2 reservations).   He says,  no chance,   and I agree, it’s very unlikely.  I didn’t mention my third wish to him,  which is for a dedicated studio, as they have an extra kids bed.  I thought that was just a wish too far.

We arrive at the Boardwalk, and as soon as I hear, ‘Welcome home’,  I am smiling.   I know it’s a daft gimmick but I do really love all that cheesy stuff.

At check-in, we get a new cast member who is ‘earning her ears’, and I explain that I’d like to stay in the one room for both reservations.  She’s a little unsure, but with the help of her trainer she manages to work it out.   She tells me that we can stay in our room, and I am  relieved,    then she says the room is ready,  and I am smiling.   We have had to wait until 4pm for our room before,  so to get in at 9am feels like we’ve been given an extra day.

We go up to our room, which is on the 5th floor,  and it’s a dedicated studio with the extra bed.   I am just so pleased when everything falls into place like that.

2012 Orlando Day 8 - move to Boardwalk1

We race around oohing and ahhing over our room, no matter how often we stay here we never stop being excited when we check in.

As we have checked our of Coronado Springs today,  we have to use the remains of our Dining plan,  and somehow we have 15 meals and 17 snacks remaining!

We decide to go around to Downtown Disney and have breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express.    Breakfast is served until 11,  and we arrive at 2 minutes till 11,  but we are there in time and manage to order breakfast.   Phil and I have omelettes,  Molly has waffles and Katie has a breakfast pocket which looks like a pizza.  My omelet is delicious and I’m really pleased we made it here for breakfast.  It would have been fairly expensive,  so I don’t know if we would pay to eat here,  but on the QS it was a good deal.


2012 Orlando Day 8 - move to Boardwalk

After our meal,   we do some shopping in World of Disney.  Molly has been desperate to buy a baby Dumbo,  so she gets that.  Phil wants some cufflinks,  but we can only find some extremely blingy ones and he’s not so keen on the bling!

We admire some very impressive lego models in the Lego shop,   I was very impressed with the Tower of London set which was a mere $240. P1100796

Phil liked this one of Fallingwater, in Pennsylvania.    I used to live fairly near this house,  but I never visited .   Like so many things, when they are close by you never get around to going,.


After our shopping trip,   we head back to the Boardwalk.    I unpacked for a while, and Phil took the girls swimming.    I went down to the pool later on,  and it was really busy.  We aren’t used to the pool being busy as we normally go down early in the morning,  but this was 3pmish and they were doing Karaoke and other pool games.   I ignored it all and just read my book,  whilst the girls swam.

Eventually,  they decided they were hungry,  so we walked along to the Boardwalk Bakery.  Phil and I had sandwiches,  and the girls got a pizza.   For 2 QS credits,  they got a full sized pizza which they thought was quite the bargain.   For those keeping track,   we started with 15 credits, and we’ve eaten 8 meals,  so we’ve got 7 left.   We still haven’t used any snacks….



After our tea, and some chillin’ out,   we eventually decide to make a move to Hollywood Studios.   The idea was to go in late,  do a few rides,   eat something and watch Fantasmic.

Things don’t really go according to plan.   It’s start’s well enough,   we get the boat to Hollywood Studios,  and stop for a photopass photo at the entrance.    Molly fancies a ride on Rock n Roller Coaster,  so we walk around there but the only fastpasses are for 10pm.  We pick up a couple, but I suspect we will be gone long before then.

I asked a CM to check how many snacks I had left,  and he tells me my DDP has expired.  It’s only 6:30 and I thought I had until midnight so I was a little bit worried as we still had a lot of credits left.    I decide to walk around to Guest Services and check,  while the kids decide what to do next.  They settle on the Great Movie Ride,   which amazingly doesn’t have too long of a queue.    We leave the GMR just  before 7, and decide to run around to American Idol,  but when we get there the show has started and they won’t let us in.   We take a look at the show schedule, and all the shows are finished now for the evening,  so we are a little stuck on what to do.

We settle on the Animation Academy,  where we hope to meet some characters , and learn to draw a character.    The only character available is Mickey and we join the queue,  but we realise if we wait in the queue we won’t get to do the drawing class.    We decide we’d rather do the class,  so we jump out of the queue and just manage to get into the class.   We have to sit in the front row with boards on our knee rather than proper desks.   That might have been ok for a simple character but we have to draw the Genie, and he’s not easy.    There are quite a few small kids in there,  and you can hear them sighing ‘this is hard’ through the whole class.  The instructor tries to encourage us that our drawings are our creations, and we can’t get it wrong, but honestly,  we can!

When we come out of the drawing class,   we decide to miss Fantasmic and go back to the Boardwalk.   Hollywood Studios just isn’t grabbing our interest tonight.

We get the boat back to the Swan/Dolphin and then walk over to the Boardwalk General Store.   I had hoped to buy some useful items with our snacks, I was hoping for things like Bagels and bread,  but I’m informed by the less than helpful Cast Member that we can have virtually nothing.

It’s getting late, and I’m not prepared to waste 17 credits,   so we decide to try Seashore Sweets.   We end up getting lots of lollipops for the kids to give to their friends,   some big bags of crackers,   and we each pick a cake from the counter.   We use all 17 credits on a big bag of snacks and sweets,.

We still have 7 meals left,  so we walked over to the Boardwalk Bakery, and I explained to the woman what we were trying to do.  She was really helpful,  and helped us to get us much as we could for our credits.   We ended up with 7 sandwiches,  bags of crisps, bottles of pop, and 7 cakes.

We had some of the sandwiches for tea,  but we have now got a fridge full of cakes and pop.

We watched a little bit of the USA gymnastics team,  and then we went to sleep.

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