Day 9 – Little Toot

One of my goals for this trip is to do some things we’ve never done before,  and Little Toot has been on my list for a few years.


We arrange to meet up with Dave & Bev in Clearwater at 11am.    I have downloaded a SatNav onto my iPhone and I discover it works an awful lot better when I turn the location services on!  It tells us it will take about 1 1/2 hours to get there,   so we are all up and in the car by 9:30.   We had a very healthy breakfast of cakes from last night!

It’s a fairly straight forward drive down the I4 to Tampa,  but then it’s a long slow drive across the Gulf to Bay Blvd and it seems to take ages to do the last few miles.   We get there just after 11, and it takes us a little while but we manage to get parked.  

We are just walking up towards the boat docks when I get a text which says ‘Don’t move, we can see you’,    Dave and Bev are just getting off the bus from St. Pete’s.   We catch up with them and walk over to the boat dock to book onto the 1pm boat.    Once we are booked  up, we walk around looking for some lunch.   There are quite a few shops and cafes but nothing that really grabs us.   We end up in Subway and sit outside chatting and eating our sandwiches.



IMGP4413It’s not long until it’s time to board the boat,  so we all get on,  and the boat sets off.  Then it returns to the dock to collect someone who missed the boat.  Only the late passenger decides not to take the boat after all,   so it’s all a little strange,  but we do eventually get going.   We sail out of the harbour and past a number of very large mansions.


P8010071   We sail around for quite a while and we see some big houses but there are no dolphin’s to be found.  I’m starting to think we aren’t going to see any if I am honest.   it’s quite pleasant on the boat, but we are all there for the dolphins.     We head out into the Gulf after a while,  and we are warned that it will be quite rough out there, and it’s most definitely rougher.   It’s not that long since we took a boat trip to the Farne islands and Molly got really seasick,  so I was a little worried,  but she was absolutely fine.


Eventually I have completely given up on seeing a Dolphin when there is a shout and a couple are spotted.    Everyone rushes to the back of the boat, and the Dolphin chases us leaping up out of the wake.  I didn’t get any photographs as I had to hang on,  but it was really cool, at one point it leapt right up in front of us.

There it is


and another blurry one


We made a couple of runs past the dolphins and saw them a few times,  but all to quickly we had to leave and go back to the dock.

After our boat trip,   we are all in need of a drink and maybe an ice-cream.   We wander a little bit aimlessly trying to find somewhere suitable,   and eventu staff ally end up in a little café where we have some Budweiser and some ice-creams.   We sat in there for quite a while chatting.   The staff were really friendly, and it was a good choice.

After our ice creams and drinks,  we took a walk along the pier .  There wasn’t a lot going on, on the pier,  but we walked along and took some photos


After the pier,   it was time to say goodbye.   Dave, Bev and the kids got the bus back to St Pete,  and we walked back along to our car.    Molly was desperate to go on the beach,   so when we got back to the carpark,  we went across to the nearest beach for a quick paddle in the sea.   She went in very very briefly and then decided that she didn’t like it,  and wanted to go.  I’m not exactly sure what she was expecting!

We all piled in the car,   it doesn’t sound like we did much written down, but it had been quite a long day and we had a long drive home.    Molly was very tired,  and a tired Molly is a very irritating Molly.  She talks incessantly about nothing.   I was getting quite ratty myself,  so I offered her $5 if she fell asleep for the journey home.  She stopped speaking immediately and was asleep within minutes.  I suspect she was pretending to start with,  but she was properly asleep before too long.

Katie had her headphones in,  and so we had a very peaceful drive back home.

Just before we got back to Disney,  we stopped at the Publix at Championsgate.  I’d never been there before,  it’s very posh as you drive up.    It was quite a nice Publix and I could have bought loads, but we had a fridge full of cake and sandwiches.  We just wanted a few more normal things like cereal, bread and bagels.  

We were quickly back to the Boardwalk after our stop,   and we settled into the room.  It was after 7,  so we decided we’d just watch the Olympics and eat sandwiches from last night.     Around 9,  we heard the Epcot fireworks,  so we stood on the balcony and watched the highest ones.


We are planning on getting up early tomorrow to go to Magic Kingdom,   so we are having an early night.



  1. I have to say that I was wondering what on earth Little Toot was 😉
    Sounds like fun, and it its good to do different things.

  2. Ted Zollinger · · Reply

    You were about 5 minutes from my office on the way to the beach, and the traffic is always terrible. But the beach is great once you finally get there. Sounds like a fun day though.

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