Day 11–Blizzard Beach

In keeping with our newfound commitment to actually do something before the holiday is over,   I made everyone get up early, again.    Katie really wanted to go to Blizzard Beach.  It’s really not my favourite place,   but I figured if we got there early before it got too hot and all the sunbeds were gone then it wouldn’t be too bad.

We weren’t quite as early as I’d have liked,  but we did manage to get there for 9:30.   When we first went to Blizzard Beach,  we always set up camp in the Tykes Peak area,   but then the kids got too big,  so we moved to the Team Boat Springs area.   Now Katie isn’t allowed in that area as she’s too tall,   so we need a new ‘home’,   we ended up by the wave pool today but it was far too crowded and not very comfortable.   I think next time I will send the kids off to the slides, and I will walk around looking for an ideal spot.   Somewhere shady,  near the slides, so they can go and play and I can read my book.

We started in the wave pool,  and I absolutely couldn’t get in the tube.  I floated around a while half in / half out and then decided I was going to go into the shallow end and ‘sit in it’, which worked in that I was in the tube,  but unfortunately the surf just pushed me out of the pool and I ended up beached.  How embarrassing…..   eventually I managed it,  I sat down in the shallow end, and then Phil pushed me out to deeper water…..   


We floated around for a while, and then decided to go up the chairlift and do teamboat springs.     The queue wasn’t too bad and we were quickly on the chairlift.  Molly and I had to share our chair with a single rider who was hilarious.  She was a 14 year old girl who talked constantly.   She kept going on about Slusher Gusher and how she wouldn’t go down it because she was wearing a bikini, and she might get a wedgie.   Molly and I think she said wedgie at least 15 times in the ride to the top.   It kept me entertained, and stopped me thinking about falling off the chair lift,   so it wasn’t all bad.

We got on Teamboat Springs very quickly, and I had brought my camera, but there was no way I was going to manage a photo,   it was much faster than I remembered and I was hanging on.    It’s a really fun slide,  fast but not really scary.   I don’t do many slides, but I like that one.

As we left the raft ride,   (and does anyone know you are supposed to elegantly exit those rafts?)

We were right by the lazy river,  so we went in there  We had to wait a little while for 4 rings to float by but it wasn’t too bad.

It’s quite a long trip around the full circuit,   we kept losing each other and then catching up again.  P8030063

After our trip around the park,  the kids wanted a funnel cake,  and I wanted a restroom.  They got their funnel cake, and by the time I got back they had eaten it.  They had very kindly saved me a very tiny morsel. 

They decided they wanted to go on some other slides,  and told me I’d like them too.  I walked around with them, but when I saw the slides were head first I decided they weren;t for me,  so I went back to the sunbed for a snooze.   There were plenty of sunbeds when we arrived but they are jammed so close together, there is no separation between parties,  and in fact, I couldn’t even stand next to my sunbed,  I had to crawl along it from one end.   Not my most elegant day on so many levels…

I had a little snooze and when Phil and the kids returned,  we decided to head out of the park.  Molly wanted a go at crossing the ice bergs,  so we went there on our way.  Last year she found this really hard but managed on her 2nd attempt.   This year she was straight across with no worries.


We leave the park, and head back to the Boardwalk to get changed.  We’ve got a Dibb Meet to go to and we need to look our best Smile

As we are walking into the Boardwalk, we hear a familiar voice and Dave shouts out a hello.  They are just back from St. Pete’s and are checking in.   I go inside and catch up with James and Bev.  They can’t get into their room just yet,  so they decide to get some lunch and shopping,  and we arrange to meet them later.

We get showered and changed quite quickly,  and are back down at the bus stop for 2:10,  we’d decided to get the bus so that Phil can have a drink.   The bus takes ages to arrive,   but it  does eventually arrive.  Then it takes ages to get to Downtown Disney.  I’ve pretty much sworn off the bus by the time we get there.     We make our way to the Margarita bar,  and have a Margarita.   I was busying drinking and chatting,  so I missed lots of details like who was who!   I gave Molly the camera to take some photos,  possibly not my wisest move.  I shall spare you the ones of her eyeball,  the floor,  her arm etc, 

This is possibly her best shot…


or maybe this one


I think we need to work on composition.

I had a lovely margarita, and we were having a good chat,  when the wind picked up and the sky went very dark.   The staff came over and started folding up umbrellas and suggested that we go and stand in one of the shops.   I’m not sure which shop was going to appreciate 20 dibbers standing in the middle having a chat and buying nothing.

We moved around to the outside of the earl of sandwich, which was at least undercover,   and I went in and got some sandwiches.  I had realized that only eating half a bagel for breakfast and then a margarita was probably not a great option!  The girls had pizza sandwiches,  and Phil and I had roast beef and cheddar.  They are very nice sandwiches.   We chatted for quite a while longer,  and Phil and Molly went off to look in the Once upon a Toy shop.   Molly came back with a colouring book, and Phil came back and mentioned he’d seen an architecture book he really liked, but it was $60.   I’d been planning on buying him the Imagineers book for our wedding anniversary (which is today) but I hadn’t managed to find it,  so I suggest if he likes this book he should go and get it with the Disney Giftcard  We are able to get a discount which helps bring the cost down a little as well.

Eventually the kids are all bored,  and we have to stop chatting and head back to our various hotels and villas.   We are on the bus,  so we go back to the bus stop.   We have to wait a while for the bus, When we get on, rather bizarrely there is a watermelon abandoned on the back seat!   the bus seems to stop a lot of places before it finally gets going towards the hotels.   we decide to get off at the Swan and walk the rest of the way, as we don’t want to be on the bus anymore.  It took far too long to get home. 

We meet up with Dave and Bev at the pool, and spend a few hours chatting while the kids swim.  



Eventually we head upstairs,   and I experiment with making pasta in the microwave.  It’s not too bad at all,  so we have pasta and tomato sauce for tea.   gourmet fare it is not , but it’s quite tasty and we didn’t have to go out anywhere to get it.

We watched a spot of Olympics, and then to bed,  as we are having an early start tomorrow to get to MGM for rope drop.



  1. Florence · · Reply

    Lovely to see you all having a good time .LOL at the lazy river. as it brought back memories of me trying that with Ruth and the kids in Spain a couple of years ago. Ruth in her wonderful “Kellogg”red bikini and me looking like a beached whale…. you all look as if you are having a great time. love you

  2. How can anyone not like BB? Love it, esp the Lazy river and just reading under a tree for ages. There always seemed to be plenty of chairs, much better for reading on anyway! What a packed day! F xx

  3. Love Molly’s photography 😀

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