Day 13–Celebration and late night at MK

We intend to have a bit of a lie-in this morning, but we are all awake by 9, so we head down to the pool for a few hours. My shoulders and arms are really sore,  I think from carrying my camera so much.   I try a half hour in the hot tub and that definitely seems to help a little.   Then the kids (and Phil) play a rather raucous game in the pool which involves throwing a ball and shouting out names.   It starts calmly enough but it seems to get more and more involved and a little crazy by the end.

We eventually drag ourselves out of the pool, and get ready to go out for Brunch.    I call it Brunch, but it’s really properly lunchtime by the time we are ready to go out.

P1100843We find Celebration and get a pager for Market St Café.  There is a Hello Kitty store in Celebration,  so while we are waiting for a table, Molly checks out the store.   She ends up buying a pencil case and a pen.  She is quite pleased with her purchases.     We also check out the chocolate and fudge shop next door,  and then the pager goes off.  It hasn’t been long to wait at all.

We are seated inside (which is a relief,  I’d said any table, but in truth it’s a bit warm for sitting outside),   and even though it’s nearly 1pm we all order ‘breakfast’,  Molly and I share a triple breakfast,  we have an Oreo pancake,  eggs over easy,  and sausage patties.   If I am honest,  the Oreo’s don’t really complement the pancake and I’d have preferred a plain one.   



After lunch,  we split up to do some shopping.   We head to the Loop, and JC Penney.  Not a shop we go to often, if I’m honest,  but I want some work trousers and my usual store has become far too expensive,  so I’m looking for an alternative.   I do manage to find some,  so I’m quite pleased with that result.   Our next stop is for shoes,  and I score some Converse, and Molly gets some trainers,  and then a very quick trip to Michaels,  and we are all done in.    We get back to the Boardwalk, and crash out.   The kids talked to Granny on facetime,  and watched Lilo and Stitch, and I tried (fairly unsuccessfully) to sleep.

We manage to get up and make it down to the bus stop for 7:30,  and we get the bus to Magic Kingdom.  The bus takes ages,   we go to the Swan, the Dolphin and then back to the Swan before we eventually get on our way.

Molly is desperate to meet Mickey,  so we get some fastpasses for Mickey,  and we get ‘free’ fastpasses for Dumbo.   We start with some food,  at Columbia Harbour House,  one of my favourite choices.   Phil and I had clam chowder, and shared a Tuna Sandwich,  Molly had veggie Chilli, and Katie had a sweet potato (from the cart outside). 

I love the clam chowder/tuna sandwich combo,  it’s one my ‘must do’s ‘ every year.

It’s time for our fastpasses at Dumbo now,  so we walk over to the new Fantasyland area,  it looks great after dark.    We are straight onto Dumbo.  There’s a new play area in the queuing tent,  but we’ve never got a good look at it yet, as we have used fastpasses.  I’m not a fan of queuing but I might have to give it a go just to see this new area.



After Dumbo,   the kids decide to go on Barnstormer.  Amazingly, James hasn’t ridden before.  


While they are riding, I take some photos of the new water play area.  It looks great all lit up.


After the Barnstormer, it was nearly time for Wishes,   so we walked around to try and get a spot to view them.  We’d left it a bit late,  so we couldn’t get the best stop, but we ended up on the path between Tomorrowland and the Castle, and for a last minute spot it wasn’t too bad.



I am once again surprised at the number of people who start to leave the park before the fireworks are over.   I would have thought if you had stayed until the fireworks, you would see them till the end.

We have some fastpasses for Pooh Bear,  so that’s our next stop.  There’s quite a queue for Pooh Bear which surprises me considering it’s well past 10pm .

Molly is really keen to go on Haunted Mansion in the dark,  James and Katie immediately decide they need to ride It’s a Small World,  so they go off there, whilst the rest of us ride Haunted Mansion.  I haven’t ridden this in a few years, and it’s better than I remembered.


We got stuck in the Haunted Mansion right near the end, and we are sat waiting for quite a while, when a puppet jumps up from behind a gravestone.  I don’t  know why it surprised me, but it did and I actually screamed,  quite funny in retrospect.

We survived the Haunted Mansion, and Katie and James survived It’s a small world,  and we found ourselves a spot to watch the Main St. Electrical Parade.  It was a lot quieter at the 11pm parade, and we had a stretch in front of the hall of Presidents all to ourselves. 









and then,  it was time to go home.   I think Dave, Bev and the kids stayed out till very late,  but we were done in (well I was,  Molly thought she could keep on going till 2am)


2 thoughts on “Day 13–Celebration and late night at MK

  1. I agree with Carole – Columbia Harbour House is my fave too 🙂 Great day and lovely to see a picture of you too Bev 🙂

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