Day 14–the day we did absolutely nothing

This should be a pretty short post!   We had a very late night at Magic Kingdom the previous evening,  and I’m fighting a grotty cold, so we all needed a lie-in,  and we certainly had one.   Noone woke up until well after 10:30,  and then we just lazed around, watching the tv, and I did some trip reporting.    Eventually,   around 1pm,  I managed to get everyone dressed and we went out for some lunch.  On our way out to the car,  we spotted some turtles in the river by the Boardwalk.


We went to Steak and Shake, and had burgers and milk shakes.   The burgers were ok,  nothing to write home about,  but the milk shakes were excellent.


After we’d eaten I went up to pay, and it rang up through the till at $30, then it suddenly dropped to $18.  I asked the waitress if that was right, and she said it was happy hour,   so we had all our shakes for half price.    For $18, it was the best meal of the holiday!

We drove around to Downtown Disney,  and found the AMC theatre.   Molly has been desperate to see Brave since we arrived,  and in particular she wanted to see it before it was released in the UK.   We got tickets and found the theatre,   it was quite a nice theatre with big comfy seats that reclined.

Before Brave started,  we saw a Pixar short called La Luna.  It was lovely,   a really sweet little film.



Brave itself was ok.   It’s a nice enough film but when you compare it to the list of Pixar films, like Toy Story, Up, Cars etc,  then it just doesn’t compare.  It is nice to have a ‘Princess’ who breaks the mold a little, and it’s not just a boy meets girl story,  but I felt it was lacking a little something.

After the film,   we had had enough excitement for the one day,  so we headed back to the Boardwalk for more relaxing.     I told you, it was the day where we did nothing.   

Eventually,  we made a move and walked over to Picabu for some tea.


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