Day 18–Pirate cruise and Fantasmic

After a late night,  we had to get up early because Molly was booked on the Albatross Pirate adventure around the lake.   We walked around the Boardwalk, and checked her in at the Beach Club.


We checked her in, and she got kitted out in a life jacket, and then they sailed off.   Molly reports that they found some clues, went to Canada and then were sailing down towards MGM when they got stuck in some reeds and they had to call for a rescue boat.  They didn’t need the rescue boat as they managed to get out of the reeds eventually but it was an unscheduled stop!

They came back with a chest full of treasure which they had to open with some keys they had found in the lake.




She had a really good time, and came back very excited about her adventure.

We went out for some lunch at Mimi’s café.  This is one of our favourite places for Breakfast but we didn’t have the greatest meal at lunchtime.  The waitress was a bit hopeless and forgot to bring various items out.   As we were leaving, she asked the guy at the table behind us if he needed any more coffee, and he said ‘I’d quite like my hamburger please’,  she’d totally forgotten his meal….


We finished our lunch,  and headed back to the hotel via Walmart where we picked up a few supplies.

We went back to the hotel, and had a swim in the pool for a few hours,  and then we got changed and had some pasta before heading out to MGM to see Fantasmic.

We met up with Dave and Bev, and walked along the path to Hollywood Studios.  While we were walking we could hear the first show playing.   As we got close to the park we could see a lot of flashing lights,   there appeared to have been an accident with a gentlemen and a scooter and they’d sent a couple of fire engines,  and some policecars.  There were a lot of police vehicles present.

Once in the park, we decide to get one ride on Star Tours before we saw the final viewing of Fantasmic,   We walked straight onto the ride,  and I think this was the best version yet.  We went through the Wookie Forest and it was really fast and exciting.

After our ride, we made our way around to the theatre, and got seated straight away.  The show is much quieter for the 2nd showing and there is no need to queue,  you can just walk straight in.








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