Day 19–Magic Kingdom

After quite a few late nights,  we have a lie in,  we sleep really late and by the time everyone is up and breakfasted its nearly 12:00.  We went down to the pool for a swim just passing Dave and Bev on their way in.    We had a short swim and then came in and got ready to go to Magic Kingdom.   We decided to have sandwiches in our room,  and then have a cake from the Main Street Bakery for dessert.

We left the room just after 2,  hoping to get to Magic Kingdom in time for the 3 o’clock parade.   We had to wait a while for a bus,  and then the bus went via the Swan and Dolphin,  so it was nearly 3 when we got off the bus.   We ran into the park and just managed to catch the beginning of the parade.

We got a good vantage point from the train station.



After the parade, we had half an hour before our fastpasses for Mickey and the Princesses.   We went over to find out about the Sorcerer’s game,  and we got signed up and picked up our pack of cards.

We went up to Main St. Bakery and had a snack,   I had a cinnamon roll,  finally we found a nice cinnamon roll.  Katie and Phil had the ice cream cookie sandwich, and Molly had an Mickey Bar.

Photo 11-08-2012 15 31 37

mainst bakery

After our snack,  our fastpasses were ready for the Princesses and Mickey.   We decided to meet the Princesses first,  we didn’t have to wait at all,  with the fastpass we were able to just walk straight in.



We came out of the Princesses and walked straight around and into meet Minnie and Mickey.  Again there was no wait,  we were just ushered straight in.


As we were coming out of Minnie and Mickey, one of the cast members told us that Princess Aurora would be coming out across the way,  so we went over to wait for her.


Now that we had met all the characters,  we set out for Fantasyland where we would start our sorcerers adventure.   We walk up past the Merida meet and greet,  we spotted Merida, who looked great,  but we decided not to wait in the extremely long line to meet her.


The kids adventure was pretty good,  you had to find various windows within Fantasyland and flash some spells and then you watched a small scene and cast a spell.  Watching other kids playing, it wasn’t exactly the same for each child.




It was getting towards 5pm when we finished the Fantasyland adventure,  so we decuided to walk down to Columbia Harbour House for a bit of tea.   As we walked down the hill, the rain spots started and by the time we got to Liberty Square it was absolutely lashing it down.   We sheltered under the fruit stall for quite a while.  The kids bought some jacket potatoes and ate them while we were waiting.  Eventually,  we decided to make a run for Columba Harbour house and we got in there without getting too wet.   Phil had some clam chowder and I had a tuna Sandwich, and we waited out the storm,  it was thundering and lightening,  so quite an impressive storm.    

Eventually the rain stopped,  and we headed back down to Main St.  The kids wanted to do another adventure which was based around Main St,  so we did that,  and then took a few photos and headed out of the park.





We caught the bus back to the Boardwalk,  and en-route we decided to walk into Epcot and have some tea at the Japanese pavilion.

Photo 11-08-2012 20 34 29

We went to the Katsuri Grill and had Teriyaki Chicken and rice,  it was excellent.

As we walked back to the Boardwalk, we had a message to say the Spencer’s were swimming,  so we went down to the pool to join them, and finished the day with a late night swim.

One thought on “Day 19–Magic Kingdom

  1. The photo of Katie and Molly doing the adventure is priceless.
    That’s one of the great things about staying at the Boardwalk/Beach Club, being able to just pop into Epcot for a bite to eat. Marvellous. You’re really making me miss the place. I wish we were going this year.

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