Day 20–swimming, shopping, chef mickey

Despite our late night swim,  we are up fairly early,  and so we go down to the pool for a morning swim.  The Spencers enjoy a morning swim most days,  but we have had quite a few lie-ins and don’t often make it down in time to meet them.

The kids invent some game which seems to involve throwing Molly around the pool like she is a ball.  I don’t understand it, but she seems pretty happy.



While the kids swim,  I read my book,  periodically stopping to cool off in the pool as it’s hot.  After a few hours we are ready to head inside.

A few weeks earlier, we’d been given some 30% off coupons for aeropostale,  and this is the last day we can use them,   so we decide to go and get some lunch and then stop in Aeropostale and see if we can get any bargains.

We went to the big McDonalds near All Star movies for lunch.  It was pretty much like every other McDonalds you’ve ever been too,  but bigger.

After lunch,   we go to the Lake Buena Vista Outlets.  There’s an Aeropostale here, and also an Old Navy.   Aeropostale had everything on 50% off,  (although that’s pretty typical,  there ‘real’ prices never seem to be in force.  However ,  with our coupon we got an extra 30% off the 50% off prices.      We bought a few bits and pieces,  and the bill was reduced from $60 to $40 so it was worth going back and using the coupon.    It was very busy in the store though,  I presume this is because it was the last day of the coupons,    as we’ve never seen the shop that busy before.

Our next stop was Old Navy,  where I tried (and failed) to buy some jeans.    They have different shapes, as well as different sizes and lengths,  which means finding the exact right combination in stock seems pretty unlikely.   I did get some tops for work which I was quite pleased with.

As we left Old Navy the heavens opened.  When it rains around here it doesn’t mess about.   Phil ran and got the car so that we could stay under the shelter Smile

We drove back up to the Boardwalk and had a little rest before we got ready to go out to Chef Mickeys.  A bit of an annual tradition.

We got the bus over to the Magic Kingdom, and then walked to the Contemporary.   The buses aren’t very fast but they do get you there eventually.

We started with some drinks in the bar.  I have a bit of a tradition of my own and always have the Godiva Martini when we are there,  and it is absolutely delicious.

While we were in the bar,  the kids went off and chose some friendship bracelets to remind themselves of a good holiday.

Bev had some glowing martini which she declared very good!


We were seated in a very narrow corner of Chef Mickeys,   probably the worst place you could put a large party as it was hard for the characters to get in and out.   I’m not sure why we were stuck in such an ackward table, but I felt very sorry for the parties at the table for 2 that had to squeeze past us.

We had a very leisurely meal, visiting the characters,  numerous trips to the buffet,  possibly a bottle of wine was involved.




This piece of art was on the wall near our table,  I rather fancy it up in my living room!


Eventually when we had all eaten far too much,  and were in serious danger of exploding,    we had to leave.   We walked back to the Magic Kingdom bus stop,  and got a bus home.  We all felt very full and uncomfortable,  possibly the bread pudding was a step too far?

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