Day 22 – Epcot, Chefs de France and Remy, airport home

Technically this was yesterday,  but I haven’t been to sleep since then so maybe it was just this morning?

We packed up,  which took a while because one of the cases was very overweight and the others were under so we had to unpack and juggle everything around.   I was pleased we did, because we saw lots of people doing exactly that in the airport.  I’d much rather juggle my dirty laundry in the hotel room than in the middle of the airport!  Eventually we were all packed up into 4 cases plus a myriad of carryon bags,   and we called Bell Services to look after our bags for the day.  Our flight wasn’t until 8:45pm,  so we wanted to try and make the most of the day before we left for the airport.

We walked over to Epcot,  and I went to the MouseGears to buy some socks (as I’d run out) and some kitchen bits,  and use my  last 20% off coupon.   The lady in front of me got $100 of with her coupon,  so she’d bought something very special!   I was dying to know what, but I didn’t find out. 

Once I’d got my socks, we walked back to World Showcase,  and as a boat had just pulled up,  we decided to hop on board and get the Boat to Germany.   I don’t know if it saved any time but it certainly saved my legs.

IMGP5288 We had a good look in the Caramel Store, but we had a ADR for Chef’s de France  so we didn’t buy anything.   I was very tempted though.


We walked around towards France,   Molly checked out this water fountain on the way.


We checked in at the podium at Chefs de France, and we were seated quite quickly.   We all opted to have the set menu, although Molly had  a kids meal.  The kids meals are quite poor in here,    she had a cheese pastry followed by chicken and pasta.   I didn’t realloy understand why they didn’t do Croque Mousuier for kids,   most kids will eat a cheese and ham toastie.

On the set menu you could either have French Onion Soup, or Lobster Bisque.  Katie and Phil had the French Onion (which looked lovely) and I had Lobster Bisque which was delicious.

For our mains,   we each had one of the 3 options.  Katie had a posh Mac and Cheese,  Phil had croque mousiuir and I had a quiche.  They were all very nice and very filling.  Neither Katie nor I could finish our main course.

For pudding, Molly had a choice of ice cream or cookie.   Again, I think this is a poor show really.   Katie had profiteroles and she got 2 massive profiteroles,  so they had one each.   Phil had a strawberry cake, and I had crème brulee,  which was lovely.

While we were having our main course, we had a visit from Remy and his friend Armand.   Armand is hilarious,  playing the snooty waiter so well I was wondering if maybe he just really was a snooty waiter!  Remy is cute and responds to your comments really well.   I didn’t work out how he worked.



After our meal, we decided to walk down to Spaceship Earth for one final ride.


We bumped into Mary Poppins and Alice on the way.





we popped into the Art shop near Spaceship Earth.   We would quite like one or two of the old ride posters to frame and put up at home,  but we haven’t found them available as posters, and the prints are too expensive and hard to carry home,  so we haven’t bought any yet. 

We had our final ride on Spaceship Earth, and then we walked back to the Boardwalk, collected our cases and set off for Orlando Airport, and the longest journey home.

We had some dinner in the food court,  and looked around the shops.   We didn’t visit Universal on this trip,   so the kids spent some time admiring the Harry Potter merchandise,   as that was as close to Harry as they were going to get.

The flight to Paris was uneventful.  Long, boring, uncomfortable,  and with possibly the worst airline meal I’ve ever had,  but other than the meal,  it was nothing I wasn’t expecting.   Molly fell asleep across Phil and I, so I was pinned in my seat.   The person in front of me reclined as soon as we took off,   so I just sat pinned in my seat and read my book,  then I watched the girl with the dragon tattoo and Juno.   Neither Katie nor I managed to sleep at all.

We landed in Paris on time , and made our way to Terminal 2E.  On the way we got a glimpse of  a large comfy terminal with a Starbucks,  but sadly we are trapped in a terminal with no Starbucks, and very limited (and strange) food options.  There is a food court upstairs offering French, Chinese, Italian or Lebanese food. 

Katie is asleep on the floor,  Molly’s watching a film,  and I’m wondering how many more hours I can last without any sleep.    But we will get home eventually and this minor inconvenience will be forgotten for the 3 weeks of fun we have had.



Updated:  We made it home,   it’s 12:45 pm Florida time on Wednesday.  We left the Boardwalk at 4:30pm on Tuesday.   I don’t know how many hours that is,   but it was a long trip.    It wasn’t unbearable,  and it all went according to plan,  but it’s definitely nicer to land in Newcastle at 6am and be home in time for breakfast.    However,  the money we saved on this long winded routing meant the difference between a trip or not,   so we are not complaining,  just very tired.

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