Quick Service dining, it’s all burgers, innit?

I wrote this a while ago,  and it’s been quite useful,  so I thought I’d update it a little and try and reorganise it a little bit.

Downtown Disney

Wolfgang Pucks – Market Place.

We ate here twice and it’s a fantastic option on the QSDP.    We had dinner here,  and also a breakfast.

This is a halfway house between a Quick Service and a full service,  the food is towards the quality of a full service place,  but the atmosphere is quite noisy,  and definitely more quick service in style.    You order at a counter,  but then the waiter delivers your food.  It’s very good,   and a great option on the QSDP.


Roasted Mushroom Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Spaghetti and Chicken Meatballs, and a kids pizza.


Dinner in 2011

We had Chicken Alfredo,   Penna Bolognese, Salmon, and a Kids Spaghetti.  I have a note that this would have been $85,  which makes it a great choice on the dining plan but a little pricey as a quick service option if you are paying cash.



The breakfast is even better.  The restaurant was quiet,  so less of the loud atmosphere we felt at dinnertime.   Phil and I had omelettes,   Katie had a breakfast pizza, and Molly had waffles.


Wolfgang Puck Express – West Side

This has the same name as the restaurant at the Marketplace, but it has a completely different menu.  There are 2 full service restaurants here, and the express seems a bit of an after thought.   I was quite disappointed with our meal here, and wouldn’t rush back.  The kids had pizza, which was nice.  I had chicken and Mash which was ok, and Phil had meatballs.

Cookes of Dublin

We fancied some familiar comfort food,  so we tried this for ‘authentic fish and chips’,  it was fish and chips,  but it wasn’t particularly authentic.   Moll’s pie was the best option,  if we went back I think we’d all have pie.

Earl of Sandwich

Lovely hot fresh sandwiches,  made to order.



Technically,   this isn’t a quick service restaurant,  but it deserves a mention for it’s gorgeous ice creams.   I think these were the smaller ‘kids’ sized sundaes

Candy Shop – west side



Coronado Springs – Pepper Market

(I believe this has changed quite a lot since we ate here.)

We ate here 3 times,  twice for dinner and once for breakfast.   At dinner time,  it offers mainly mexican themed offerings.  We had fajitas,  quesadillas, and molly had pasta

For breakfast,  it’s a buffet and you can have whatever you want from each station.  This is very very good.  There’s an omelette station,  pancakes, bacon, sausage,   etc.     You can have as much as you like.  It was very good,  and it’s just a quick service credit.

Port Orleans Riverside Food Court

This is a lovely option if you aren’t in a park at lunchtime.   Katie and I tried the Design your own pasta and it was lovely.  It was also enormous,  you could easily share it.  Phil let the side down and had a burger,  and Molly had some pizza, and some of our pasta.  (She really didn’t need the pizza,  and we could have saved her credit,  but we had no shortage of credits.) We shared a couple of drinks,  and took a few bottles of water away with us.


Pizza from the Boardwalk Window
This is 2 credits which is a bit of  a bargain for a large pizza, with drinks and desserts.

Boardwalk Bakery 

These are nice, but possibly too much bread and not enough filling.  They come with crisps, a drink and a dessert.

Animal Kingdom Lodge – Mara

This was the best counter service meal we had.   I had Salmon and rice,  Molly had chicken and salad,  Katie had a pitta bread,  I think Phil had Salad.  We were all craving some salad by this time.   We had some zebra domes for dessert, as well as lots of fruit salad.


Mickey Pretzel

Snack from the pool, but available around WDW

Grand Floridian Gasparillas Grill

Cesear Salad & Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwiches

Polynesian Capt Cooks (This was a temporary location during the refurb)

Katie had coconut meatball sandwich,  I had teriyaki chicken,   Molly had a salad, and Phil had a Big kahuna Sandwich which couldn’t have had any more meat on it if it had tried.

Wilderness Cabins

Smores Kit & Chip n Dales Campfire.


Animal Kingdom

Yak and Yeti

I didn’t take any photographs,  but we had sweet and sour and beef lo mein,  and it was lovely.   I really like the food here, but I do wish you could sit inside.  It’s very hot, and some of the seats have no shade at all.


La Cantina de San Angel

We tried the mexican place.  This was the only meal I didn’t enjoy.   We had tacos, and they were awful,  they were very dry and accompanied with extremely salty chips.  This was probably my worst meal of the holiday.

Sunshine Seasons

We had a Caesar salad, salmon and rice,  Tuna and noodles,  and a kids chicken and rice (which came with grapes and a cookie – it seems that grapes and a cookie are everywhere).

Katsuri House – Japan

One of my favourites.

Molly and I both had the Teriyaki chicken,  Phil had a combo with everything, and Katie had curry.  It was very good.

French Boulangerie

We ate here for breakfast, but they also have sandwiches at lunchtime

(Pain Au Chocolat, Apple Tart,  Choc Brioche,  Iced Cappachino,  Latte, Hot Chocolate)

Tangerine Cafe

Magic Kingdom

Crystal Palace

my absolute favourite.    Clam Chowder, and a Tuna Sandwich.  Not glamorous but absolutely lovely.  I have it everytime.


Be Our Guest

Croque Mousier,   this was not what Phil ordered… but he said it was nice

Braised Pork, beans and mash



Cinnamon Roll

Aunty Gravitys (Tomorrowland)

This is a snack rather than a QS,   they have Coke Floats and frozen coffees.

This is my favourite, French Vanilla Ice Coffee Float.



Main Street Ice Cream Parlor

Another Ice cream option  – Mickey’s Kitchen Sink

Liberty Square food cart

Molly had a jacket potato,  Katie had a sweet potato,  I had ham and cheese, and Phil had Roast beef sandwich

Hollywood Studios

We ate at ABC Commissary because it’s inside and has air conditioning.  This is the one place where we did have burgers, although Katie had a chicken Curry which she said was very nice.

Writers Stop

Carrot Cake Cookie (snack) & Marshmallow Stick

Sunset Boulevard

I went to one stand for a Deli Sandwich, and Phil and the kids went to another for burgers and chicken nuggets.


I don’t know if we would do the dining plan again.   I like knowing all our food is paid for,   and I really liked being able to get snacks and meals in the parks without worrying about the cost.    We found that it limited our plans a little bit,   we didn’t want to pay for food offsite when we knew we could eat ‘for free’ onsite,  so we would change our plans accordingly.    And, it is a lot of food,   we ate significantly less in the weeks that we weren’t on the dining plan,  and we weren’t skimping,   just eating what we fancied.


3 thoughts on “Quick Service dining, it’s all burgers, innit?

  1. Thanks Bev. That’s interesting. Next year we’ll probably be without a car so will be eating just on Disney. I’m considering doing that plan and now I’ve seen the range of places to eat am now working out if it’d be worth the expense. All your info has been a big help though, so ta for that.

  2. I agree with you in that you can easily eat a lot of great food without going near a burger. One other place we tried after reading good reviews was Starring Rolls at DHS. We had a fruit & cheese plate that was delicious!

  3. we stayed for one week with the plan (the one up from this) and I agree Bev its a lot of food and we were ready for the 2nd week when we could eat what and when we wanted and ate much less. The savings on your wallet is so noticable when you are not paying for food so much

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