Been baking, but I’m definitely not Bakerella.

I have often looked at Bakerella’s blog, and her amazing cakepops.   She makes them look very easy,  and her creations are absolute works of art.   I wanted to have a go,   I knew I couldn’t create these beauties


but I thought I should be able to manage some plain ones like this.



Well,  I am definitely no Bakerella.     When you read baking blogs,  they manage to make everything look easy and beautiful.   Instead,  I will reveal the truth.

First you have to mix cake crumbs with frosting,  and make them into balls.   Molly and I thought this had gone well,  but my balls were a lot bigger than hers.  It turns out small balls are better.



You put them in the fridge to set,  and then you dip them into melted chocolate.


Supposedly,  the chocolate will be thin and runny and you will just neatly dip the cake pop into the chocolate and neatly tap it onto the side.


Or in the real world,  the first batch of chocolate will completely sieze up.



Then,  you will attempt to dip and the chocolate ball will fall off the stick.



Eventually we found a technique where we spooned the chocolate on rather than dipping,  and this worked ok, ish.



You need to decorate the pop whilst the chocolate is still hot.   The advise is to ‘drizzle’ an alternative colour.Image

(not my cakepops)


My drizzling was less effective.




On these baking blogs,  the photos are all amazing, arty shots.   I don’t know how they accomplish this whilst upto their armpits in icing?  My few photos were taking quickly on my iphone in between melting chocolate and dropping cake.



I tried for a few more arty shots this morning though,  once the mess had cleared.




I think the kids enjoyed them,  but for the effort involved I don’t think I will bother again. Image

 They definitely preferred the chocolate fountain and that was absolutely no effort at all.Image


5 thoughts on “Been baking, but I’m definitely not Bakerella.

  1. Brilliant..baking how it is really, I totally agree with you Bev, how do those effing wonder women (and men) do it? I think a Baking revelations blog is a great idea…. I haven’t looked into cake pops, thought they were cut out sponge cake on a stick, can’t face the havoc myself and given you have conformed what I thought I will be keeping my cake whole, less waste that way! I think you need five gold stars a nd a well earned sit down with a cuppa for still being the bestest ever super mum in the world, ever!! Fiona x

  2. I would have suggested you popping the cake part in the freezer before trying to ice them. An American lady said that works very well then you do not have crumbs to contend with and the chocolate or icing sets quickly.

  3. We put the cake in the fridge, but the advice was not to freeze of the chocolate cracks when the cake defrosts.

    The biggest problem was the chocolate wasn’t runny enough but when I tried to make it runnier, it all seized up.

  4. Bev, you had me in stitches reading this. I much preferred reading about your ‘cake pop’ adventures than the so called ‘perfect’ brigade. Yours look brill, they look real & made with your gorgeous kids about, all mucking in together….much nicer than the ‘cool’ arty farty lot!! Bet your kids remember this with great affection years from now & think what a fabby day they had.

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