Holland–day 0

Otherwise known as the one where we forget the passports….

We are all packed, and sitting in the conservatory waiting for my dad to take us to the airport.  Phil has the travel wallet, and he counts the Euros, and checks the boarding passes.     Dad arrives,  and we load up the car.  I say,  as I always do,  ‘passport, tickets, money’,  and Phil taps the travel wallet and says,  got them right here.  And so we depart.

It is not a long journey to the airport, and Dad drops us off about 20 minutes later.   We note that as we have hand luggage we don’t need to visit the desk, and head upstairs.   We join the line for security and Phil opens the travel wallet to remove the boarding passes and passports.   He says quite simply,   the passports aren’t in here.    I just look blankly at him.   I can’t quite comprehend what he is saying.    We make our way back out of the line and start looking through pockets and bags,  but I know that if they aren’t in the travel wallet, they won’t be anywhere else.

This begins the most stressful few hours of my life.  I rang my mum and told her that we had no passports, and could she go to our house to get them.     She went straight off, and we went to starbucks to wait.    I assumed they must have been removed from the wallet when we checked the euros and the boarding passes , so told her they would be in the conservatory.    She phoned me when she got to my house and said they weren’t there.  I had been calm until that point,  but then I got really panicky.   I thought of a few other places they might be, but she couldn’t find them.   At this point,  I didn’t know what we would do,  and thought we’d have to just give up.  Phil decided to take a taxi home and see if he could find them,  so the kids and I paced around starbucks (the kids unpacked and searched the cases repeatedly while we waited).   I wandered around to the security office, easyjet desk, klm desk,   trying to see if they had been found, or if we could get on a later flight.   The answer was pretty much no, no, and no….

At one point Phil rang to say he was now at home, and he couldn’t find them either.  By this point,  I had decided they must be near the PC from when I did online check-in,  but he said, no they weren’t there.   I was just stood outside completely baffled as I didn’t know where they could have vanished too,  when I heard my mum shouting my name.  I turned around, and she was waving the passports at me.   She had found them,   and left me a message (which I didn’t get until much later),  and then driven straight upto the airport.   So,  now we had the passports,  but Phil was at home.  It was about 12.45 and the flight left at 1.45.  And it’s about a 25 minute drive to the airport….  Phil jumped back in the taxi, and I went and told the kids, and then asked at EasyJet what our chances were.   I was told the flight had just closed.  At this point, both kids (who had been very brave) burst into tears.   Then the check-in lady asked if we were travelling with carry on bags only, and had we done online checkin.  We were, and we had.   She said the gate would be opening at 1.15 and we had until everyone had boarded but they wouldn’t wait for us.  She also said we could use the fast track security queue.

The kids and I went and waited outside, and stared at every taxi that pulled up.  Eventually Phli phone to say they were at the airport and pulling in.  I opened the taxi door,  threw some money at the taxi driver and we started to run.  we raced upto security,  explained to the fast track lady,  who spent ages (must have been at least 30 seconds but felt like an hour) looking on the board to see if the easy jet flight had left yet,  then she sent us down to the scanner.   Of course, our well organised bags now had stuff all over the place,  so we had to be rescanned 2 or 3 times as there were cameras and phones in all the wrong places,  but eventually they let us through and we ran through the airport.   There seemed to be lots of very very slow people strolling through duty free and we were trying not to knock them over,  whilst trying to run to the gate.    We finally burst into the boarding area,  to find loads of people sitting around,  and a few people boarding.    we had loads of time…..  We must have made it by at least 5 minutes…

We boarded,   and I think we were in a state of shock.   We had all presumed we had missed the flight, and I don’t think any of us really knew what had just happened.

2013-08-04 14.15.39The flight was very quick,  particularly since our hearts were still racing at 100 miles an hour,  and we arrived and made our way through the airport and found my sister in law.  I am not sure she knew what had hit her, as we were all very hyper and excited and couldn’t stop talking about our panic.

We did eventually calm down, and we arrived in Monnickendam, and found our apartment,  which is lovely.  Phil and I are staying here, while the girls are staying with my sister in law.   At the door of the apartment, I had to ring a mobile number and then the owner of the apartment magically opened the door from her mobile phone.   We thought that was pretty cool.

2013-08-04 21.55.46IMGP9124

We dropped off our stuff,  and then headed around to Jane’s where we calmed down with a glass of wine, and had a lovely dinner in the garden.  The weather was gorgeous.  We met the new kitten and finally relaxed and allowed ourselves to believe we were on holiday.



5 thoughts on “Holland–day 0

  1. Good grief. I was getting all panicky along with you there. I think you need this holiday just to get over the journey there 🙂

    The flat looks lovely. I like the idea of opening the door with the phone. Very clever. I love that kitten too. Any chance you could kidnap him? 😉

    Looking forward to hearing more of your (hopefully more enjoyable) adventures.

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