Holland – Day 7, time to go home.

All too soon, our week has come to an end.   We have had a really lovely week, and we are all sorry to be going home.

Phil and I have been staying in a lovely apartment, overlooking the harbour, and we’ve really enjoyed watching the boats come and go each morning.

Phil popped out to the bakery for some breakfast,  and I packed.  We were travelling light so it wasn’t a big job.  Hand luggage only definitely limits the souvenirs you collect.

All packed,   and we walked around to Jane’s house.   We had 2 little cases on wheels, and we made quite a racket across the cobblestones.  There was no chance of a stealth arrival,  I think the entire village knew we were on our way.

The kids had done a great job with their packing,  but I spent a little while shifting things around so that we would be able to find all the electronic items at security.  We seem to travel with an awful lot of electronics these days.

All packed,  and we have a few hours before we need to head to the airport,  so Jane suggests we visit the Monnickendam Museum which is located in the Speeltoren (Bell Tower).


I’m not sure what I was expecting,  but I got a pleasant surprise.  It was a bright, modern museum showing the history of the area.  All the signs were in Dutch and English.


The first floor was about the history of the area, and how the land had been drained for farming.   On the next level they had a children’s area,  which Molly really enjoyed.


They had a memory game where you had to match modern things, with old-fashioned things.

This was an old skate,   we weren’t very impressed!


On the next level,  there were example of various automatic bell/music machines.  I think this was to explain how the bells in the tower work,  but I’m not too sure.  It wasn’t always very melodic in this area….



We were up quite high,  but it was hard to really get a good view, as the windows were pretty small.    I guess the bells don’t need a good view!


After our visit to the Museum,  we went back and had some lunch,  and then it was time to say goodbye and head to the airport.     We have had a lovely week,  and we were all sad to be going home.

You’ll be relieved to hear,  that our airport experience was very boring.    No drama,  no panics.  Molly was a bit nervous so we got to the gate really really early and were one of the very first families on the plan.

An easy flight home, and my dad collected us and dropped us back at home.

2 thoughts on “Holland – Day 7, time to go home.

  1. I’m with you on the electronics. My hand luggage used to consist of puzzle magazines and a few books plus my camera. Now it’s chock full of electronics. I can just about squeeze the passports in. Must remember to double check those this year 😉

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog this past week. I’ve never been to Holland but you’ve made it sound so lovely that I’m going to add it to my wish list.

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