Back to the Magic. A pre-trip report

Back to the Magic

We are once again counting down to our next trip and so I have dusted off the old blog and will be waffling on about our trip as usual.

If you want to read about our encounters with oversized mice,  then please feel free to follow along,  and if you aren’t interested then feel free to ignore.    I shan’t be offended.

So, on to the next trip – Trip number 10,   or trip number 8 if you are Molly.   Molly is still aggrieved that we took two trips to WDW before she was born,  and she has been trying to catch up ever since.

Although we have been many times before,   there seem to have been a lot of changes at WDW since our last trip,   so I am a little unsure about how it will all work with the Magic Bands and fastpass +.   

Our plan is to stay at 3 DVC resorts,   Animal Kingdom Lodge,   the Boardwalk,  and Bay Lake Towers.   We have stayed at the Boardwalk often,   but the other two are relatively new to us.  (We did spend 2 nights at AKL in 2002 but as Molly wasn’t there it doesn’t count)

We are,  as always, on a budget,   so we will be flying from Manchester via Atlanta,  and we will be eating mostly offsite,  or quite possibly in our apartment.   We have 10 day MYW Base tickets,  so it will be strictly one park per day,   and we will be venturing offsite for 3 days.   Currently that looks like at least one day of shopping,  one day visiting St Petes,  and on the third day, we may possibly let Phil do an air-boat ride,   he’s only been asking for 12 years.

I will be taking my camera,  and attempting to take some nice arty farty photos,  so hopefully along with the waffle about our days,  you will also get something nice to look at. 

One of my favourites from our last trip.

We just have to get through the last week of term,  and make it to the airport without forgetting our passports,  and we will be off,  back to the magic 🙂

5 thoughts on “Back to the Magic. A pre-trip report

  1. We were disappointed by the “new” fastpass – a definite disadvantage for those of us who knew how to game the system and get on tons or FP lines.

    When we left in May, they just enabled the option of once riding all 3 of your picks you could get one more FP+. Use and repeat. So, the best we were able to do was 5 FP in a day, considering we used to do 8-10 everyday it was a definite downer.

    Good luck with the Mine Train, we missed it by 3 weeks 🙂

  2. Air Boat Rides were great fun. We spotted a few gators. Another activity that won’t break the bank is the real rodeo down in Kissimee. I’m sure the girls would enjoy it too. Looking forward to living through your blog whilst I am at work!

  3. Ohhh looking forward to reading about your trip 🙂 I agree with Cherry, an Air Boat ride was the highlight of one of our trips – we did one down south on the swamps and it was AMAZING. Rodeo’s are good fun and would be something different to experience! 🙂 xxx
    Have an amazing time xxx

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