Day 8–shopping and swimming


On the plan for today, was a trip to St Petersburg.  That’s a 2 hour drive,  and we really weren’t up to making the trip,   so we opted for a lie-in instead.    We eventually roused ourselves,   and headed out to do some shopping.    We started at Downtown Disney.  The parking here is an absolute mess.   I could see parking spaces, but we couldn’t actually get to them.   We did eventually get parked,  but there was a U-turn and a few tense words involved.

Katie was after a ‘trendy’ disney t-shirt,   and Molly fancied a vinylmation.   We had a look in the new Co-op store at DTD,  they had some very lovely stuff,  most of it out of my price range,  or not stuff I would really use but I did like it.


I quite fancied the Big Thunder Mountain sign, but not at $150.


I am still quite tempted by these.


and spent a while debating if this would qualify as a safety cup for work.

Phil modeled the silliest ears hat we’ve seen,



but we didn’t buy a great deal.  Katie did buy a new t-shirt in the World of Disney (this one

2014-07-30 12.08.52or

2014-07-30 12.07.58 she couldn’t decide),

and Molly chose a vinylamation with signatures on it.


While we were shopping, I got a text from a fellow Dibber asking if we could look for a specific vinylmation,   which made me laugh as we were practically stood in front of the vinylmation stand at the time.

After we’d made our purchases,  we left Downtown Disney and headed to Perkins for brunch.    Molly and I had pancakes,  Katie had soup and Phil had an omelette.

I wanted pancakes and sausage and maybe some eggs,   but not a massive amount of any of them,    these things were all on the menu, but trying to find the right thing to order took me ages,   I eventually ordered and when it came they had brought bacon instead of sausages, which I really didn’t want,  so I had to wait for my sausages, and had finished my pancakes when they arrived.     It wasn’t a disaster but it all just seemed a little too complicated.  There is no photo of my meal as I never had the whole meal together on the plate to take a picture.

Camera Uploads

Katie had apple pie for dessert, and Molly and I shared a slice of French Silk pie.    I haven’t had French silk for a very long time, and it was very good but we were both pleased we had shared it as it was very rich.

Our plan was Premium Outlets, Lake Buena Vista Outlet,  and then Joann.  We got parked in the multi-story at Premium fairly easily,  except for everyone stopping to wait for people to back out of spaces,   when they weren’t even in the car yet.   And yet, there were loads of spaces on the higher floors.   We wanted to buy Converse, Crocs, and possibly a Vera Bradley backpack.    Converse was our first stop,  and the girls quickly decided they wanted red.   That would be one of the three colours they don’t do in the sale (black, red and white aren’t usually on special offer).    Katie had regular low tops,  and Molly had high tops.   Even full price,  both pairs came to $80 which is not far off what we would pay for one pair at home.

2014-07-30 18.16.20

There are quite a few places that sell converse,  the Converse shop does buy 1 get one 1/2 price (except for black, red and white),    Rack Room has the same deal but sell more than just converse so you can mix brands.  They did have adults red hightops in their deal,  but not in Molly’s size.      I was wanting a pair of smart crocs I could wear to work, but the only ones I vaguely liked were $70 and I wasn’t really wanting to spend $70 on shoes for work,   and I wasn’t really sure I liked them,   so I didn’t get any.

We found the Vera Bradley shop next,   what a gorgeous shop.   I’d never heard of this brand a few days ago and now I am in love.   Katie found the backpack she had liked in Epcot,  virtually identical but without the extra Mickeys in the design.    It was $55,   she also found a green pattern she liked which was $69.   She debated for ages,  and decided to buy the green one.  I was very temped by a cross the body bag that would hold a tablet as well as being a handbag.  I may well go back and get it.

We popped into the character spot to see if there were any Disney bargains,  but nothing grabbed us.  Sometimes we find loads in here,  but not today.

Our last stop was the Bass shoe shop.   There were some lovely shoes in here, and I definitely fancy a pair,  but after a full day on my feet, and wearing crocs,  I wasn’t convinced I was going to buy the right size,   so we are going to go back first thing in the morning.    We decided we were done with the Premium outlets,  so we headed back to the car.   But I could tell Katie wasn’t happy.   She said she really wasn’t sure if she should have bought her backpack,   and eventually said she wished she’d chosen the pink one that she’d liked originally.  Phil and Molly were ahead,  so I texted them to say we would be a few minutes and we went back to Vera Bradley and exchanged the bag for the pink one,   and she got $15 back as well,   so a good result.

She was much happier with her pink backpack (and personally I thought it was a much prettier pattern)

We eventually left Premium Outlets, and drove down to Lake Buena Vista outlets.   We didn’t even get lost.   We only had one shop to visit here,  which was Aeropostale.  This has changed quite a lot since our last visit, and we weren’t quite so impressed,  although Katie  found two shirts that she wanted (me) to buy.  Molly really likes the junior version of Aeropostale, PS,  so we will need to find one of those in the week,  I think we might do the Altamonte or Florida Mall.

Our final stop was Joanns,  and to be honest,  we were flagging.  I wasn’t sure if we should bother, but we were really close.  My scrapbookign friends had suggested a range of Disney paper,  but Joann’s stock was very depleted.  I managed to get a few bits but overall I was disappointed.

2014-07-30 17.34.00

We were finished shopping for today,  although we still have a small list of things we want to buy,  so there will be another shopping day required.

Back to the hotel,  and into the pool.




I’m not a big fan of the pool,   so I went back up to the room to make some tea.   We were having pulled pork and mashed potato,  both ready made and ready to go in the microwave.  Unfortunately,  the mash had been put in the freezer and it didn’t look very healthy,   so that went in the bin and I went down to the Boardwalk and bought a couple of portions of fries from the ‘To Go’ stall.   Pulled Pork, Fries, and some left overs from Applebees made for a very nice tea,  and the girls liked it because they could eat in their pajamas.

One thought on “Day 8–shopping and swimming

  1. I was lusting over the Vera Bradley bags in DD last year, but didn’t get one as they’d sold out of the style that I wanted. They are very lovely 🙂

    Sounds like a good shopping day and I’d have been tempted by some of the stuff at that new Co-op place too. Maybe I’d better avoid it 😉

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