Back to the magic–Day 9, Epcot and Cirque du Soleil

I’ve got a bit of a sore throat and am generally feeling ropey,  so I was delighted to wake up  at 1am with a hacking cough.    I found my lozenges and managed to fall back asleep,   sleeping till quite late.  So no early morning trip report writing today.

The days are absolutely flying by, and there are still so many things we want to do,  it seems impossible that we will fit them all in.   Today, we have Epcot planned and then this evening Cirque du Soleil.  That was a late addition to our plans,  and I hadn’t booked the fastpasses around it,  which means they are all for the wrong times,   and I can’t seem to change any of them to better times,   so we pretty much give up on our fastpasses for today.   While I like the system,   it’s not very flexible for the bigger rides,  and you don’t really need them FPs on the smaller rides,   so it’s not always working for us.

Anyway,   our plan is to go to Epcot in the morning, concentrating mainly on World Showcase,  and then leave about 2 as we need to get ready to go out, and we’ve been told to give ourselves at least 1 1/2 hours to get to DTD as the traffic can be bad.

We caught the boat to Epcot about 9.30, we could have easily walked but we could see the boat was on it’s way and it’s quite pleasant sitting on the boat watching the world go by.

2014-07-31 09.34.25

As we entered Epcot, the World Showcase was still closed as it was before 11,  we were able to walk around the UK pavilion and take a few photos,  but you can’t get around the whole of World Showcase,  just really France and the UK.




Canada was closed beyond this staircase.



I was rather pleased with this photo,  and then after I’d walked away from the spot a monorail came,  and I wished I’d waited as the monorail would have completed it.


Molly decided she fancied a balloon,  but she nearly blew away….


Our destination was Mouse Gear,  as I was struggling with my feet,   I’ve only really been able to wear my crocs,   so I thought I might get some of their Disney trainers,  they do some that are a bit like Converse but wider.  

They had some suitable shoes, but they only had then in a size 10.  they had about 20 pairs of sizes 10s.  Not sure what that was all about,  anyway,  I decided to persevere with my crocs.    As our fastpasses were all wrong today,  we didn’t’ really have a plan before 11 (when world showcase opens),  but I checked the wait times and Mission Space was only 10 minutes,    Molly is keen to try as many new rides as possible,   so she and Phil went over there.   There are two versions Orange and Green,    I think green is the non spinning version,  which is the one they did.   She thought it was awesome and wants to try the full version next time.

I did this ride a few years ago,  and it was very clever but it made me feel really queasy afterwards so I didn’t want to ride,  and Katie’s not a fan of new rides,  so she wasn’t riding either.    We decided to visit the new Starbucks in the Fountainview café.    The Starbucks seems a lot bigger than the old café,  but there is virtually no seating,   just two tables outside on either side of the café.    I wasn’t too impressed as we wanted to sit and wait,  however,  just as we were getting our drinks  someone left and we were able to snag a table.  We sat in the shade and had some Frappuccino’s and cake and just relaxed for a few minutes.  It was very pleasant.

After we’d finished our drinks we went in search of the loo,  but we found Chip.  Katie and I had a little discussion about it we should get an autograph in Mollys book but decided she would prefer to get her own autographs.   Apparently this was an incorrect decision.   it usually is when you try and guess what Molly will prefer….


Just after we’d used the loo,we got a text to say Phil and Molly were finished,.  Molly was very excited,  she had really enjoyed it and wanted to go on again.   Then she announced she was thirsty and wanted a Frapuchino as well.  But I managed to convince her a trip to club cool would be just as good.


It was now 11,  so we could start our tour of World Showcase.   Molly really wanted to do the Agent P advengtures,  so we picked up a handset,  We were Agent M.  These have changed since we last did them,  you now get a proper smartphone with a big screen.   The missions have changed as well.   We did two,  Mexico and Norway,  they were both very good but they took a long time.   As we wanted to be out of the park by 2,   I found them a little slow.  However,  they do force you to really look around each country rather than just steam past.


This guy signed us up,  he was extremely enthusiastic.


another photo that would be better with a monorail in it.


The new handset

Whiel we were in Mexico doing the challenge,   we had a ride on the 3 Caballeros.




This guy always reminds us of Miss Quinn who did this dance in every dance show.

Molly saved the day,  and so we were off to Norway on another mission

First we had a little look around the church where they have an exhibition comparing scenes in Norway with scenes from Frozen.

While we were in Norway,   we also rode Maelstrom,  and survived the Trolls.


The missions are very clever,  you walk around answering questions, and then things happen in the pavilion, this waterfall stopped at one point, and revealed this sword, then the water started again and the sword was gone.



When we had completed this mission, we decided that was enough for one day as they were taking quite a while and we didn’t have a lot of time in the park.

we had a brief look around China


and then walked fairly quickly past the other countries as we were getting hungry.

We did stop to meet Snow White,  and also bumped into a girl from Katie’s dancing class in the same line.


We took a look in the shops in Germany,  but didn’t buy anything,  although the caramel smelled amazing.

I quite liked this guy.


and someone else playing the missions revealed this scene


As we approached America,  the fife and drum band appeared and started playing traditional songs.  Which reminds me,  I heard Rearing, Tearing (Lehigh Band pep song) being played somewhere yesterday,   I will try and remember where.   It was someone I really didn’t expect it.  I think I naively thought that was a Lehigh only song.


Before the band played, this guy gave a little speech which reminded me very much of Sam the Eagle ‘and now we shall have a 3 hour tribute to the nations of the world,  but mostly America’

Eventually,  we made it to Japan,   home of Tappenyaki Chicken, which is my favourite.IMGP3956

This is one of our favourite quick service,  Katsuri House.  Molly and I both had the Teriyaki chicken,  Phil had a combo with everything, and Katie had curry.  It was very good.Downloads

After lunch,  Katie wanted to buy some Japanese drink she has tried before,   I’m not sure what it was,  but it wasn’t this.IMGP3958

(actually it was the little pink bottle in the cooler)

Then we had a look in the shop.   I spent ages looking at these , I couldn’t work out what exactly they did.   It appeared that you stuck them on your feet and they cured all ailments.  Since my feet are a bit of a mess with a blister and a heat rash,  and I’m not feeling to great with a sore throat,  I was very tempted,  but I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on large magic plasters for my feet.


I was very very tempted though.

it was now nearly 2 o’clock,  so we just walked quickly through Morroco and France, and Molly and I headed back to the boat,  Phil and Katie went back into the UK pavilion to look at the Dr Who t-shirts.

Molly and I saw the boat in the dock,  so we did a power walk to catch it, and then it sat there for ages before it left.  I’m pleased we didn’t run!

Back in the room,  we all showered and changed to go out to see Cirque du Soleil.   The girls were asked to choose a treat,  either this show, or a day at Seaworld,  and they both immediately picked this.   They have been asking to see it for a few years.   We did see it when Molly was a baby, but Katie can’t really remember and Molly didn’t go (she was only a few weeks old, so our friends babysat).

When we bought the tickets,  we were told to leave 1 1/2 hours to get to the show as there is a lot of construction in the area and traffic is bad.  Needless to say,   we got there quickly and parked straight away.   So,  we had about an hour to kill.   We walked up to the Vinylmation shop and bought a Vinylmation for a Dibber,   and was offered DVC discount,  I am hopeless at remembering to ask about that.  We’ve probably missed out of a few discounts.  Then we popped into to Starbucks for some drinks to pass the time.

We all had frapuchinos,  and when they came the girls all had loads of whipped cream and Phils had none.  Which amused us all no end.  Apparently,  if you order a plain coffee frap you don’t get whipped cream.   She took pity on him though, and put some on for him.

It was nearly time for the show,  so we walked down to the theatreP1150931 and found our seats.

We were in Cat 3 seats,   and had the very last row in section 206.  They were very good seats for being one of the cheapest categories.   There were a lot of people sat right on the side and I think there was a big section of the stage they couldn’t’ see, but we could see pretty much everything.

I don’t know if I have the words to describe the show,   it starts 15 minutes before it starts,  when 2 clowns come out into the audience, and from the moment they first appeared we were hooked.  It lasts an hour and a half and it just flew by,    There is something happening the entire time.   I have seen it twice now, and still don’t know if there is a plot or a story.   The last time we saw it there were a lot of people who were randomly walking across the stage,  this time there were a lot fewer of these moments (although they were still there).   I tend to think it’s a dream,  or a nightmare,   but I definitely have more questions than answers.


After the show,   we all tried to choose a best bit but it really was impossible,   so many good bits.   Molly really liked the clowns,   they weren’t my favourite,   but between the Diablo girls,  or the gymnasts,  trapeze artists, silks,   trampolining,   I couldn’t choose.

After the show,  we went to Wolfgang Puck Express for tea,  Now the one at the Marketplaec is one of our favorite places but I have to say I was a it disappointed with the West Side branch.   The menu was tiny in comparison,  and I think I’d really only recommend it if you were going to have pizza.  the girls both had pizza, Phil had a meatloafDay 9 - Epcot sandwich and I had chicken and mash.  The pizzas looked nice, and I think Phil;s sandwich was ok, but my chicken was a bit boring.   It was fine,  nothing wrong with it, but nothing interesting about it either.   It was very pale,  I’m not sure how it had been cooked but it didn’t have nice brown skin like you would expect on roast chicken.

One thought on “Back to the magic–Day 9, Epcot and Cirque du Soleil

  1. That photo of Molly drinking the Beverly is a classic 🙂

    I haven’t seen La Nouba since 2002. It is amazing. So much to look at. I think I’m overdue for another visit 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling better now.

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