Day 13–Swimming, lot of Rain, and Epcot

The plan for today,  was to swim in the morning,   then Molly really wanted to look for hidden Mickeys around the monorail,    and we would finish up with an evening in Epcot.  Katie was desperate to see Illuminations,  and the only way we would manage to stay out for it, was to arrive at the park quite late.

We had a lovely morning by the pool,  it was fairly quiet,  and everyone enjoyed the slide (admittedly, I didn’t try the slide),   I did try the hot tub though,.




I think this is Molly on the slide



After a few hours in the pool,   and one Mickey Pretzel


We decided to get ready and head out for the day.     Our first stop was the Contempotary where we found a 5 legged goat, IMGP4383

and an owl hiding a Mickey



We then took the monorail around to the Grand Floridian


This guy isn’t very hidden


We lunch at Gasparillas Grill.   We sat outside and people watched,    there appeared to be a conference for Price Waterhouse Cooper,  lots of very young people walking about with badges on.    They all looked fresh out of Uni,  that would be a great place for your induction to a new company!

For Lunch, Phil and Molly shared an enormous salad, and Katie and I had chicken cordon bleu sandwiches. 



We attracted the interest of some passing ducks



After lunch,  we went to the loo and Molly waited outside and got chatting to the DVC salesperson,  she often talks to them as they give her stickers.   However,  this lady did even better and gave her a proper pin,   I’ve never even seen a DVC pin before.


Now,  the first time we ever visited the Grand Floridian,  I remember being very impressed that they had little baskets of flannels for you to dry your hands on,    but today we just got paper towels.  

We hopped back on the monorail,  and took it around to the Ticket and Transportation Center,  and then changed onto the Epcot monorail.


I don’t think we have ever got the monorail to epcot before, 


You go right into the park,  around Spaceship Earth before you arrive.


It was about 4pm when we got to the gates, 


and we had a Test Track fastpass for 4.20,  so we mooched around a little.   Taking a look in the Art shop


We used out fastpasses for Test Track,  nothing like walking past an 80minute queue to improve your day Smile

Katie and I designed a Pink sports car with loads of power,  and Phil and Molly designed an eco-friendly car with solar panels on the roof.

Into the ‘testing area’, and we won on Power but Molly won on just about everything else,  which she was keen to tell us about.wdw2014216105317506

After the ride, there are lots of new games you can play, and then you can look at some cars.    Molly fancied this red truck.


We left Test track, and went straight over to Ellen’s Energy Adventure.     We haven’t done this in a while, and it’s not the most riveting ride there is, but it’s mildly entertaining and it’s cool and comfortable.  It also lasts 37 minutes as they must have mentioned at least 10 times before we boarded.


As we left Ellens’, the skys were very dark and ominous,   it looked like we were about to get swamped,   and this would be the only day of the trip when I’d failed to pack the ponchos.   I was really not keen on buying more ponchos as they cost a fortune and we had carried around the ones we have for 2 weeks withotu needing them.

We went into Innoventions,  as it was the nearest inside space we could see,  and very shortly after we got inside the heavens opened,   and it was absolutely chucking it down.   Innoventions wasn’t going to hold our interest for very long,   so we were a bit stuck about what to do.   I decided on a loo break,  and discovered there was a corridor connecting Innoventions with the Electric Umbrella,    so we decided to have tea,  and hopefully the worst of the weather would be over when we’d finished.    We had a very slow tea,   taking as long as possible over our meal.    I had a veggie flatbread,  Phli and Molly had meatball subs, and Katie had a chicken caeser salad.    the rain occasionally slowed,  and then it would start up again much heavier.    Katie was desperate to stay and see Illuminations but I couldn’t see how we would manage it.   It was only 7pm and I couldn’t see how we could fill 2 hours without getting drenched.

We eventually left the restaurant and Katie convinced me we could do the movies around the World Showcase which would be dry.   We made it to Canada without getting completely drenched,   although we were certainly quite damp,  and then watched O’Canada which was a little chilly as we were wet and the A/C was cold.

After the movie,  we walked up towards the France movie,  but the rain had stopped by now,  so the girls decided to get a funnel cake while I looked for some socks.  My feet were wet and not at all happy.    I went into the American store but they had no socks,  they sent me over to Japan, but warned me it would be expensive,  which made me laugh as we are in WDW where everything is expensive.    The only socks I could see in Japan were special socks with a big toe in them for wearing with flip flops.  I didn’t really fancy those,  so I decided to just cope.     I found myself a bench, and the girls found a good viewing spot and we wanted about 20 minutes for the fireworks to start.

I was feeling a bit miserable as the rain had thrown our plans, and my feet hurt,  but the fireworks always cheer you up,  it’s a really lovely show





After the show,  we walked around the lake very slowly,  and I tried to take some photos using my small ‘gorillapod’ tripod.   This worked fairly well, except it was dark and I couldn’t really see what I was doing so they aren’t all very straight.

We started in Italy, where it was still quite busy so hard to avoid people


Then onto germany,  I quite like this even though my tripod wasn’t remotely straight




This one from China is my favourite,  it maybe needs a little lightening in Photoshop,  but I was quite pleased with it.


I really liked the old church in Norway but I couldn’t get it to look right,  it’s too dark and the lights are too bright,


We had to stand a while outside Mexico to get a photo without any people in it,  but we did eventually manage it.    


Just as we were crossing the bridge to leave World Showcase , the Frozen fireworks started at Holllywood studios,   these look amazing from Epcot.    I think I prefer them from Epcot to the view from Hollywood Studios itself.





We walked out past the colourful footpaths


I told the girls to stand really still,  and then got them out of focus anyway….


And then we made our way back to Bay Lake on the monorail.   It was a good evening, that had nearly been a washout.   I was all set to leave at 7 when it was raining, but I was pleased that Katie had asked to stay.








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