Day 14– Back to the Magic, Magic Kingdom

Today is our last full day,  so I wanted to make the most of it.   The plan was to be up early and get into Magic Kingdom for rope drop.   It’s a plan, but it’s not a reality.   We have been terrible at getting up early on this holiday, and today is no exception.    We have a fastpass to meet Mickey for 9.30-10.30,  and we get there at 9.15.   Mickey’s new home looks great,  with lots of Magical props,  but there’s no Minnie,   she’s outside.  P1160133

For some reason, I thought we were getting both of them.   Anyway,  we met Mickey,   and he can talk!     that was exciting.  And not what the kids were expecting at all.





After our meeting with Mickey,  we walked up towards the Buzz Lightyear ride.  On the way, we passed this dancers in the street.  I love all these bits of random dancing that appear.


When we got upto Tomorrowland, we noticed that the Transit Authority was uncovered and empty cars were running.  There were lots of CMs in the area,   so we asked if it was opening and were told maybe later.    We hoped to get back on it later,  but we never did manage it.

We had about 10 minutes before our FastPass,   so we went into the Laugh Floor.   I am always mightily relived when the camera doesn’t end up on me!  I thought the Laugh Floor was particularly good today,   and we particularly liked this joke.

‘Why wouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon’’?’


‘Because she’ll Let it Go,  Let it go’….


Made us laugh anyway.

We were right next door to Buzz,  and with the fastpass there was very little queue,  although the ride stopped for quite a long time just before we were about to board.  Molly and I struggled here and for along time we both had a very tiny score.   I must have hit something good as mine went up a bit,  but poor Molly ended the game on less than 1000 and wasn’t impressed.   Phil had a very high score,  but as you can see,  he was quite determined to save the Universe….













Next on our list of ‘must do’ for the day,  was a Cinnamon Roll from Gaston’s Tavern,   our route took us past Aunty Gravity, our favourite spot for floats,  so we decided we needed a float to go with our cinnamon roll.


We all ordered a float, and then we walked over to Gaston’s Tavern and ordered one cinnamon roll – this was more than big enough for the 4 of us.


we had a little look around the Village Gift shop,  this is a nice little shop that only sells things with a Beauty and the Beast theme.

Our final fastpass of the morning was the Peter Pan ride.  On the way over,  Molly noticed this weather vane,  I have to admit, I’ve never noticed it before.


It felt very busy as you were moving around the park,   but with the fastpass,  and our preference for less busy rides,  we were doing ok with the crowds.


As we had now used our three fastpasses we were able to book another.   You can’t d this on your phone, you have to go to a kiosk, Presumably to discourage people as the kiosks seem to be crazy busy all the time.   The last time we used one there was a formal line set up but this time it was a  free for all,   although  by the time we had finished they were bringing out the poles to create a queuing area.

We were able to book an evening fastpass for Pooh Bear,  (we could have had earlier but we wanted evening).  This fit with our plans to leave the park shortly,     and return in the evening for the parade and fireworks.

We decided to go to the Tiki Room, as we hadn’t yet seen it and it rarely has a queue. It’s also cool,  and you can sit.   I know all the cool places to sit.


I only had my compact camera out for the morning,  so I wasn’t able to take much in the dark of the Tiki Rooms,  but I did like this one.

P1160172 and this is ok P1160174

It was getting onto lunchtime,   so we decided to call it a morning and head back to the Contemporary.   It’s rather nice being able to walk back in a few minutes rather than having to get the boat or bus and your car.    Mind you,   while it’s not far,  on a hot day it can seem like a long walk.

Just before we got to the hotel we spotted these little guys.  This one kept puffing out his neck but I didn’t manage to capture that.


We didn’t actually go into the hotel,  as we know that if we had seen the room,  we would have sat down and that would have been the afternoon gone.  Instead,  we got straight into the car and went out for some lunch.

Bay Lake/ Contemporary is very handy for the Magic Kingdom,  but it’s not so handy for getting offsite.   It seems to take a while to get off Disney property.   We did eventually break out, and went to Chik-fila for lunch,  this is Chicken sandwiches, a bit like KFC but nicer.

After our lunch,  we popped into the Premium Outlets.    I had been fancying a new handbag all week, and had decided to get it, and the girls wanted another look in the Character Warehouse, where Molly bought a soft toy (because she has a shortage of soft toys in her life….)P1160184

We considered popping into Publix for some bits to bring home, but decided against it, thinking we would do it in the morning.

We made our way back to Bay Lake,   and started the dreaded packing.    We have been pretty good, and haven’t bought a huge amount,    but we still manage to fill our extra bag.   We get ourselves about 90% packed,    and leave the rest for the morning.

The plan is to walk over to Magic Kingdom for the evening,  and enjoy the parade and Wishes. There has also been some talk of another kitchen sink,  as the first one we had broke when we moved hotels.

As we walk up Main Street,  we see this man cutting silhouettes,  we had some done when Molly was a baby, and she has always wanted new ones,  so we have some done again.    I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed, but he did cut them in about 5 minutes.


I think to get a really interesting one, you need to have a hair clip,  or glasses,  or some unusual hair that they can do something with



My tired brain can’t remember the exact order of events after this,  but we went to the Carousel,  Mickey’s Philharmagic and Goofys’ Barnstormer,   and used our fastpass for Pooh Bear.

I attempted to take some photos of the girls on the carousel but it didn’t go very well.   I think I should have got onboard and taken them from inside the carousel.


I was really really tired, and my feet were bothering me,  so I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind, but I knew it was our last night so I didn’t want to go home early.

Molly, found the answer,  in the form of a Kitchen Sink.


All the tables around the ice cream parlour were full,  but we went up to the Tomorrowland Terrance which was very empty and we were able to get a table there quite easily.

It was starting to get dark,  so we walked down main street looking for a spot for the Electrical Parade.     People were starting to stake out spots about 2 hours before,  and at 8.20 there wasn’t a lot of options left.  It sort of annoys me,    I don’t like sitting for an hour just so we can watch a parade,  and in the past we would have swooped in late and watched over heads, but Katie was very keen to see it,   so we found a spot and waited.




The girls were sat ona  fresh bit of tarmac,  and after about half an hour Molly noticed that the tarmac was turning her new shoes black.   She wasn’t impressed!   We found some plastic shopping bags for her to put under her shoes,    and were mostly able to wash it off when we got back to our hotel,   but she was disappointed as she wanted to keep her shoes new for as long as possible.

The Electrical Light Parade started at 9pm,  and lasted for ages ,. It’s a really long parade.   We stood up behind the crowds when it started , but I was a bit annoyed to see 2 empty strollers in prime viewing spots,   with the kids being held by the parents.    Fair enough, the kids need a view,  but big huge empty strollers on the curb line seemed quite mean to me when so many kids were trying to see.



After the parade,  we decided we would go back to the hotel and watch Wishes from the viewing platform on the 16th floor.  We took the monorail,  and then you have to go across the contemporary bridge,   down to the first floor,  across to a different lift and up the viewing platform.   All this meant we got there about 10 to 10.    Phil and Katie went to stand at the wall,  but the wall is very high and Molly can’t see over it.    I’m sure this is a safety feature,  but I actually think it’s quite dangerous as it means lots of parents holding kids up on their shoulders so they can see over.   I’d prefer a lower wall with railings on the top that you can see through.

Molly found a bench to stand on,   then we decided we would have a better view from by the lift (which has floor to ceiling windows),    but the reflections were quite bad so we went back to the platform,   by this time there was someone sitting on the bench,  but still plenty of room. However,  when Molly went to stand there,   we were told quite strongly that it was taken by their party of 10,  who were in the bar.   I was curious if the party of 10 were all short people who couldn’t see over the wall,   but rather than make a fuss we went back to the lift and sat on a couch.    The only real disadvantage being that you can’t hear the music.   Interestingly,  while we were watching, a lot of children were brought out of the viewing platform to the lift area,   the high wall is obviously a common problem.

Phil and Katie stayed in the viewing area,  and said that during the fireworks a man proposed, and his girlfriend said Yes, and there were huge cheers.

As soon as the fireworks finished, Molly and I were in the lift and down to the 14th floor to find our bed.   We were exhausted,  but all sad that we had to go home tomorrow.

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