Day 15 – Going Home

Our plan for today,  was to do Airline check in at the hotel,  and then go to Celebration for breakfast,  possibly a quick stop at Target before heading to the airport.

I had checked with the Airline check in dresk at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and they had assured me that it wasn’t a problem to do Airline Checkin even though it was an international flight.  She just suggested we get there early.

Consequently,  we were up at 7,  and at the check in desk for 8am.   Unfortunately,  when we got to the Airline check in desk,    they wouldn’t check us in.   They were adamant that Delta couldn’t do International check in,  even though I had been assured it would be ok.  This was a bit of a nightmare,   as we couldn’t fit all the cases in the car,  so we needed a plan B.

Plan B was to drop off the car at the Hyatt, and then use the Magical Express to get to the airport. We spoke to the Concierge at the Contemporary who booked us onto the Magical Express.   Then we drove down to the Hyatt at Bonnett Creek to drop off the car.   As the car was booked into MCO and not Bonnet Creek we wanted to wait and speak to the rep and get a receipt before we left,  so we had to wait quite a while as there was only 1 guy serving and there were a few people ahead of us.  Eventually, we were seen, and it was confirmed we could leave the car there with no charge.

We went out front to get a bus up to Downtown Disney,   but at this hotel the shuttle buses don’t run very often and it would be a 2 hour wait for a Downtown Disney bus.   We asked one of the staff outside to call us a taxi.  He gave a very loud whistle and a cab came over.    He took us upto Downtown Disney,  but I’m not sure if we weren’t clear, or if he didn’t want to go through the traffic chaos,   anyway  he left us at the Cirque De Soleil entrance.   No problem, we thought,  we wil get the boat,   but the boat wasn’t running,   so we walked around the lake.  It was very hot,  and Molly and I were wearing long trousers for the flight home.    We eventually made it to Wolfgang Puck and had some breakfast.  

After breakfast, I popped into the shop next door and bought myself a new mug,  and then we went for the bus.  We had 1hr and 20 minutes to get from Downtown Disney to the Contemporary to catch the Magical Express to the airport.    We had to wait a little while for the bus to arrive,  and then it went via Typhoon Lagoon,  so I was starting to get a little panicky , but we got back to the Contemporary for 12.00 and the bus collected us at 12.2020140806_120145

The bus was fine,   it took a little while as it collected from other hotels before we set off,  so it took about an hour all together,  but we got there in plenty of time,  got checked in (very quickly, no queues at all),  and then through into the shops.  The girls had a look in the Harry Potter shop,  and we had a mooch around,  and then we went through security which took quite a while.

They were not checking all electricals turned on,  and infact, only required laptops taking out of the bag, which made life a lot easier,  as we have a ludicrous amount of electrical gear in our cases.

We got the monorail over to near our gate,   and then got a starbucks and donut for a snack before we boarded the plane.

We were seated near lots of Price Waterhouse staff,  we’d been seeing them all over Disney for the last few days,  there must have been a conference I think.  I thought that was a pretty cool place for a conference….

We took off from MCO ontime,  and on the domestic flight you don’t have to turn your ipads etc off on takeoff,  so I just sat and watched a film on the tablet. (There is no in flight entertainment on the domestic flight).   I actually watched Wreck it Ralph which I’ve never seen before and it was really good.   We were in Atlanta before the film was over,  so it was a short flight.  We landed at 6,  and our next flight was ay 7.10,   so that didn’t seem to bad,   until we realised they were boarding at 6.10 so I was a little nervous.   We didn’t have to go through any sort of security checks,  just down onto a monorail,   4 stops along to Terminal E,  then up into the new terminal,  which was a lovely shopping center that we didn’t have time to appreciate.   We walked up to the next gate, and were there about 5 minutes when we were called for boarding.

It could have gone horribly wrong,  but as it happened it went really well and couldn’t have been any easier.   The first flight went by very quickly,  and the overnight flight seemed much shorter than the Orlando-UK flights.

On the international flight,  we had a huge selection of films to choose from,  I watched 2 films,  and then just sat for the last 2 hours.  I couldn’t sleep, but I couldn’t concentrate on a film either.   Further front in the plane, there was some sort of medical emergency so I was a bit concerned about that,   and spent some time thinking about what a scary place a plane would be if you weren’t very well.  Fortunately,  the lady seemed to be a bit better by the time we left the plane,  although they did have a paramedic meet the plane when we landed.

We landed in Manchester, and had to spend a while waiting for a gate (which I thought odd considering we had paramedics waiting),  and then we were off,   bags collected and we got the bus back to Bewleys to collect our car.

We made it home by lunchtime, and are trying to think of anything we can do to stay awake until a reasonable hour.    



4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Going Home

  1. Glad you’re home safely, and with no problems.

    Thanks for the brilliant trip reports, with all the fab photos. I’ve really enjoyed your holiday 🙂

  2. Enjoyed reading all your trip report. Could almost taste the cinnamon bun in the photo yesterday. They are enormous aren’t they.

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