Eurostar and Disneyland parc

Well,  it’s been such a long day, it’s hard to believe that we started the day in Kent.     I was woken up at 4am by my calendar telling me we were going to Disneyland Paris.    While that was exciting news,  I maybe didn’t need to know at 4am.   

We were all up by 5, and left the hotel at 6 to head to Ebbsfleet.   It took us less than 10 minutes,  and was a very easy drive.   We parked very close to the terminal,  and headed inside.   I was a bit worried about how it would all work, but it was very easy.   We had to scan our tickets, and then we had to show our passports to UK Staff,   through an airline security check (where my laptop bag got a very through check),  and then passports were shown to French border control,   and we were through to the lounge.

The lounge is quite small, with a WH Smith and a Cafe Nero.    We had coffee/hot chocolate, and pain au chocolat, to get into the French mood.

About 10 minutes before the train was due, we went down to the platform, and found our coach number on the floor.   When the train arrived,  we were able to board easily and find our seats.    Not a lot to report about the train,  although the part where you go through the tunnel seemed to take forever,     I was quite relieved to emerge on the other side!

Once in France,  everyone else got friendly texts from Virgin to say their phones  were working.  I’m with 3 – ‘Feel at home’,  Ha.   Feel left out more like.   My phone simple won’t work.   I spent a while on the train fighting  with it,  and I can now use it for calls and texts,  but it simply refuses to connect to the internet.    I was getting quite frustrated with it.

I had to stop fighting with the phone when we got to Lille,    and we disembarked,  headed up the elevator and found somewhere to wait for our next train.   We had about an hour to wait which wasn’t too bad,  and I spent most of it fighting with my phone and trying to ring 3.      After a call to 3,  I was able to switch on the calls and texts,  but I never did get the internet working.

When our platform appeared on the board,  we went downstairs and found our carriage and boarded the train.  It was waiting in the station for quite a while before we set off.     The train was a double decker.

It was just over an hour from Lille to Disneyland Paris,  with a fairly long stop at Charles De Gaulle.  

When we arrived at Marne Le Valley,  we disembarked and followed the crowds to the bus stop.   We didn’t have to wait too long and we got a bus to the Cheyenne.  We could have walked,  but with all the cases,  we  decided to get the bus.     We checked in quite easily,  and were told our room wasn’t ready yet and we should leave our bags in the luggage room.

We walked around to the luggage room to leave the luggage, and the cast member there asked us why we hadn’t got a room.  We had no idea,  he said,  just a moment and went back inside.   He was gone a while, then came out and said he had a room for us  but he’d had to tell a little lie.   I have no idea what he did or why,   but he had keys for a room for us.   I think he was after a tip,  but we didn’t have any change so he was out of luck.    He took us over to a building near the river and told us it was an upgrade.    I’m not sure why,  the rooms haven’t been refurbished in anyway,  but I suspect it’s in a better location.

The room is quite nice, with bunk beds.  I have taken photos but they are on my phone and I can’t get the photos from my phone to my PC without any internet.

We dumped our bags and left almost straight away to head to the park.    It’s quite a pleasant walk along the river and through the Disney Village.


Molly wanted to buy some Minnie Ears,  so we popped into a shop on the way past and she choose a pair.


We negotiated security,  and admired the Disneyland hotel,IMGP9805 

and soon we were in the park.   We did spend a few minutes saying,  oh this is different in Florida, and then we agreed that we would try not to compare and just enjoy Paris for what it is.  I’m not sure we will be 100% successful, but that’s the plan.





We walked straight up Main Street, through the castle and into Fantasyland.  We didn’t really have a plan but the first ride we found was Snow White,  and the queue wasn’t too bad, so we decided to start there.



I had thought I’d take some photos on the ride, but I think they had it on super fast mode as we just sped through so fast I couldn’t focus on anything.

After Snow White, we thought we’d try Peter Pan but the line was quite long,   so we headed to an old favourite,  It’s a Small World.  The line for this looked quite long but actually it moved very fast and it didn’t take very long.



I was playing with my camera so took a few photos inside to see what I could capture.



My photo project for this week is strangers,  and I quite liked this photo of the people in the front of our boat.  They all had their phones out and videoed the entire of the ride.



I’ve never noticed Ariel before.



After It’s a small world, we were starting to get hungry.     We’d been up since 5, and only really had a Pain au chocolat,  so it was hardly surprising!     I wanted to try the Lucky Nugget Saloon,   so we walked around to find it in Frontierland.  It was quite sad to see big Thunder Mountain in the midst of it’s refurb.



Lucky Nugget Saloon was fun.   We all ordered Ribs,

 IMGP9886 which were delicious,  and there was a pianist playing the piano.  Then a singer came out,   followed by a Woody puppet show, and finally a muppet singing Bon Appetit.  It was all a bit random but good fun.



After lunch, Molly and Phil went to ride Phantom Manor.   Katie’s not keen on this,  so we sat and waited.  After a while,  we thought we’d go and look at the Graveyard and see what sort of jokes we could spot,  but it would appear there is no graveyard in Disneyland Paris,  which was a little bit disappointing.

Phil and Molly survived there ghostly experience,   and so I suggested a Frozen experience instead.   We walked around to the Chapperall Theatre and saw the Frozen singalong.  When we arrived we saw this VIP area of the theatre,  and were delighted to see that any little ones who turned up dressed as Princesses (or Princes) were invited to sit there.



With no Princesses in our party,  we were sat to the side but still enjoyed the show,.  It’s all daft cheesy fun, but if you can’t sing a long to ‘let it go’ in Disneyland, then were can you?




after the show,  we hopped on the train around to Fantasyland.  It’s almost definitely faster  to walk, but it’s fun to get the train.




After we arrived in Fantasyland,  we didn’t really know what we wanted to do there (this wasn’t a very well planned day) but we decided on Pirates, which was really just around the corner.  This was a 10 minute wait, most of which was just walking through the queuing area rather than actually waiting.



After Pirates it was getting quite late and we were very tired.   I thought we’d walk down the ‘secret’ passageway back to Main Street but it was all closed off.    We ended up making our way past Aladdin,   and onto Main Street.     We had a look through the shops,  but it had been a long day and we really were just too tired.  Molly has a few things she wants to buy,   specifically a phone case,  so she was looking for that.

Eventually we left the shops, and the park and walked back down to the Disney Village.     Back into the shops there,    Molly found her phone cases in the  World of Disney,  but hasn’t decided if she’s prepared to pay the price for one as they were more than she expected.    Phil and I decided to pop into the station and buy some water and snacks,   while the girls did yet more shopping.  That was pretty successful and when we reunited with the girls they had bought us a present, which we weren’t allowed to see just yet.

We were debating about dinner,  as we’d had a very late lunch but knew we would be hungry if we had nothing.   In the end, Katie and Phil went and bought a couple of pizzas from Earl of Sandwich and we took them back to our room.

We had bought a large bottle of water at the station,  and as luck would have it,  the girls had bought Phil and I some lovely Mickey glasses for our wedding anniversary present,   so we made good use of them straight away.

We had our snacky tea,    and then Katie and I relaxed (well,  I spent some more time fighting with the internet),   and Molly and Phil walked over to reception, where Molly bumped into Goofy and Chip n Dale,  which she was quite pleased about.

It’s been a very long day,  but good fun and we are all excited to be here.

Now, I just have my fingers crossed that I can post this.    The Wifi is only in the hotel lobbies, but I seem to be able to pick it up from the lobby of the neighbouring hotel, which is a true gift given that my phone won’t work!

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