And that’s a wrap!

And,  so very quickly,  we are at the end of our trip.  We are on the very last Eurostar home,  so we have most of the day to enjoy ourselves before we go.   We start by packing which takes ages,  as even though we haven’t bought very much we seem to have a lot of stuff to get back into our 4 cabin sized suitcases.

We do eventually get packed,   and we take everything over to the luggage storage area, then into breakfast.  The breakfasts are ok,   it’s standard continental fare, cereal, meats/cheeses, croissants and pain au chocolate.    It does the job, but it’s nothing to get excited about.

After breakfast,  we walked through the resort taking a few photos.   We really liked the Cheyenne,  whilst I would love to stay at the Disneyland Hotel for the location, I can’t fault the theming of the Cheyenne.   It looks great.   We were in an older room which had bunk beds,  I’m not sure but I think the new rooms only sleep 3 so that won’t work as well for us.



We walked along the riverside to the Disney Village,  and took a little look in the shops, then it was into the park.  One of the things I’d been wanting to do was ride one of the vintage transports up Main Street.  We saw the stop for the Paddy Wagon but there were loads of people standing there,  so I thought I’d give it a miss,  and then just as it pulled up the people walked away,  they’d just been waiting for each other.   So we were first in line.


We got on, along with another English family and rode it to the main hub.   Now I want to try and ride all the different types of transport.




We walked up through the castle and had a look in the Christmas Shop.  I had wanted to go upstairs and look at the stained glass, but they had it closed off.    Molly had my camera and took about 1000 photos.


I really like this one that she took


We didn’t really have a plan,  and were just wandering a bit, but the Pinocchio ride had a short queue so we decided to give that a go.  We realised while queuing that we don’t really know the story of Pinocchio,  maybe we should look that up!


After the ride, we walked over to Discoveryland and on the way we saw Pinocchio and Gepetto, w hich seemed sort of appropriate.


Our destination was the Pixar Shorts film festival, which had been mentioned on theDibb.  We love the shorts,   and so we wanted to see this.    Before the main film,  they showed a history of the shorts which was quite interesting, and then you went into the cinema and watched 3 shorts.



We came out of the theatre, and walked around the back of Space Mountain to take a look at the Nautilus exhibit.





We decided to head out of the park and over to the studios,   so we walked down behind Main Street,   and then the girls went into the shops to buy some presents.

On the way out,  we looked at these signs above the shops.



We walked over to the Studios, as the girls wanted to do another drawing in the Animation Studio.




It was pretty quiet so we all had a go.   We did Goofy.   The girls are really good at it, but I find it really hard.

When we’d finished drawing it was time for lunch,  we were booked into the Restaurant des Stars.  The theme is that it’s the canteen on the movie studio,  and well, it looks like a canteen.  However,  the food was really good.  I just thought they could have broken up the dining room a little bit with some booths, or some plants and it would have had a bit more atmosphere.


There was lots to choose from, but I mostly want for some Roast Beef, Mash, and Sweet Potato fries which were delicious.  Phil had about 3 plates of starters.  At the table next to us, there were 2 men who were eating shrimp,  they had a huge plate piled high with them but they ate the lot.

After lunch,  we walked over to see if we could get on Ratatouille one last time,   and we rode it with the single rider.  This is a great ride,  we think it would fit in Epcot really well.

I had one last thing I wanted to see, which was Stitch Live,  and we got there just in time for an English showing,   so we went in an met Stitch.    It’s a funny interactive show, where Stitch chats with the audience.   I don’t know how they do it but it’s very clever.

After Stitch, we decided it was time to leave.  We walked back to the hotel,  and collected our cases.  then we sat in the lobby for a little while,  before we got the bus to the train station.

We got there about an hour before our train,   and found a little waiting room which had air conditioning and free wifi,   so we sat there until the platform appeared on the screen.  

We just had to go down the escalator and find our spot on the platform,  then when the train arrived,  we managed to get all the cases on board and find out seats.   It’s a little frantic when you are actually boarding,  but other than that we found the train to be really easy.

We had a half hour change in Lille,  so I was a bit nervous about how that would work, but it was dead easy.   We were about 5 minutes late into Lille, but it was straight up the escalator and across the hall to the Eurostar counter.    I think we were the first ones there as we were straight through,   you see French passport control,  then British Passport Control and then an airport style security check and then there is a waiting room.   There’s only one platform,   and they opened the gates about 10 minutes before the train was due.   We were at the furthest end of the platform,  but we had plenty of time to get on board,   and stow the bags etc. 

This was a newer train than on the way out,   so it had wifi,   so that was everyone settled in for the rest of the trip.  We were surprised to find out we even had Wifi while we were under the Channel.

We were back at Ebbsfleet by 8.45,   and into the car and on our way by 9.   We arrived back at my brother’s house to find he was having a barbeque  with some friends,    so a couple of cocktails,   some barbeque and the Olympics on the telly,   and we ended up staying up late to watch Mo Farah win his gold.    It was a great end to a great day.

2 thoughts on “And that’s a wrap!

  1. Another brilliant day. DLP sounds a lot different to when I went back in the nineties with lots more to do and see.
    Thanks for the trip report Bev. I’ve enjoyed your holiday 🙂

  2. the Studios is very different from our last trip, which was 10 years ago. I really liked the Studios this trip, whereas last time we were there we barely went there.

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