Day 1 – travelling to The Big Apple

Our Day started early. Really early. I had set my alarm for 2:45am. I was exhausted when I went to bed so I slept well but when the alarm went off I was wide awake.
I thought I'd have a quick shower but I forgot in our new house we don't have a combi boiler so it was a very cold shower. So I was now wide awake.

We had a cab booked for 3:30 and he arrived right on time. I failed to take a leaving the house photo as it was 3:30! Imagine 4 sleepy looking but excited people.

We were at the airport just before 4 and first in line at the BA check in desk. I had done online check in and we were hand luggage only so it was very quick and we were soon on our way up to security which wasn't too bad.
We found a spot to wait near Burger King and noticed that half of Mollys school was in the airport. We were spotting both students and teachers everywhere. A friend of mine walked past so we said hello. We had to wait for the gate on the board. At Newcastle it's like some sort of big secret which gate you are leaving from and announced at the last minute.

Eventually they post the gate and we go straight there and everyone has already boarded. It's like there is a secret club up find out the gate but I'm not in it. Anyway we have seats so it doesn't matter. Right at the back but together and we are able to stash our cases.
It's only an hour so I start my new novel on my kindle and finish it. Turns out id bought a short story.,,,

No more free breakfast on BA they are selling M&S food onboard. Bit cheap I feel but for what we paid for our flights I certainly can't complain. We land in LHR and make our way to terminal 3 on the bus. It's all very easy and straightforward and we have plenty of time.
We see a Dibber who lives near us, Scottish mana, They seem to be on the same route.

We have a very short wait in terminal 3 and then our gate us announced. Much better than Newcastle. We find the terminal and sit and wait. Across from us is a family and grandma is holding a baby while sat on the bench. They move on and a guy sits down and the bench just collapses under him. He was ok but I think the grandma and baby would have been hurt. It was quite a bang.

We board and find our seats. The plane is ok. Seat back tv. Power sockets. Not much legroom but I can't really complain.

I start to watch hidden figures. I'm totally engrossed and ages later realise we haven't even taken off yet.

I really enjoyed the film and at some point we had a meal which was ok. BBQ chicken or pesto pasta. I had the chicken. Molly didn't really eat anything so that was a bit of a concern but she was ok.
After the film I thought I'd watch Benjamin button. I've tried to watch this before and never managed it and again I failed and sort of fell asleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open but I couldn't actually sleep either.
I woke up from my non sleep to find out I'd missed the ice cream. I was a bit gutted about that but managed to get one late.
I couldn't settle on a film or tv and flicked through the magazine and spotted this.

Which is my university and where I lived for 4 years. It seemed a good omen.

We had a snack later (a fajita bake and a tiny lemon cake). And eventually we made it to JFK. It wasn't a bad flight but I wasn't in the mood for another film so it had dragged a bit.
As we landed we realised scottish mama was actually sat just behind us. So we had a quick chat and wished each other a good holiday. It was 1:05pm when we landed.

We were at the back of the plane but when we got to immigration it was empty. We were able to successfully use a kiosk to enter the USA and then we walked straight past baggage reclaim through customs and we were in the USA. Due to no queues and hand luggage we were out of he airport about 15 minutes after we landed. I couldn't believe it

I'd planned on the Airtrain to Manhatten but we opted for a cab in the end. It was exciting seeing all the houses and then the skyline appearing. Traffic was slow but it kept moving and we were in our hotel room by 2:20pm. I couldn't believe it. We'd gained a good few hours I wasn't expecting.

We were given free cookies when we got to the doubletree which hit the spot.

Our room is nice. You can tell the rooms are old but it's clean and comfortable.

We quickly change and head out for a walk. I had vague plans but we are hungry so I change them and we walk across to Ellen's Stardust diner. It's on the same street where we are staying, 51st street but it's quite a few blocks from Lexington to Broadway. We are just excited to walk. Traffic is crazy but we get the hang of the white man st the cross walk (I just take a photo. We kept saying wait for the green man. But he's white).

We got to Ellen's about 3 and there was a short queue. Someone came out and said it could be an hour but we decided to wait anyway. The girls and I went into a tourist shop to price up I love Ny hoodies. They were about $39 but we decided to wait rather than get it from w first shop. We went back to the line. Heard the 1 hr wait spiel again and then were seated within about 20 minutes if initially queuing. So not too bad. We were told we had to leave by 4:45 as the table was reserved but we were ok with that.
We had burgers (Molly and I) and cesear salads(Phil and katie) which were huge. But you go for the singers. They have waiters and waitresses who sing all through the meal. It was good fun.

After our meal we walked down Broadway to Times Square. You just have too. Katie spotted the Hamilton and Charlie and Chocolate factory theatres so we walked past those. She went into the Hamilton merch shop and got a cool pop up postcard that shows the set design. She's going to study Set Design in September so it seemed very appropriate.

We head back to Times Square and take a selfie.

It's a funny place Times Square. You have to come but there's not much here to do. It's just gawp and pinch yourself.

Molly wants to look on Mac so we do that and then there is a huge Disney store next door. Probably the coolest Disney store I've ever been in. With a castle in it.

They have some nice Disney / New York t shirts but I decide to wait and buy Disney stuff in Disney and not on Times Square.

We are getting tired fast so we start to walk back. We go past radio city music hall. And the Rockefeller centre where the ice skating is.

No skating today. We have a quick look in The Lego store but it wasn't anymore exciting had the one at the metro centre so we are swiftly put and walking along 50st street back to Lexington. 50th wasn't very exciting but we did see Saks of 5th Ave.

We drop into a drugstore for some water and snacks and then upto our hotel room. I was planning trip to the lobby for some free wifi. But I was done. I sat down and I knew I wasn't moving again.
We put the telly on to try and stay awake but I was asleep by 7pm. Which is why I'm typing this now at 4am…

3 thoughts on “Day 1 – travelling to The Big Apple

  1. Wow you did a lot in a short time. So pleased it all went smoothly .was it an AA plane or BA. Hope you have managed a good nights sleep.

    1. It was an AA plane. Slept well but woke up very early. But have had 8 hours so to be expected

      On Wed, 26 Jul 2017 at 06:19, Skating on Thin Ice wrote:


  2. I thought our start was going to be early in a couple of months, (8am flight) but you’ve definitely got us beat with that!
    You did brilliantly getting to your hotel so quickly. There’s no way I could travel with just hand luggage though. I am in awe of you packing skills LOL
    Looking forward to reading more 🙂

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