The Dibb made me do it – The plan

A small amount of background. We were last in Orlando 3 years ago. We had no intention of returning soon. We had. Compromise trip to Disneyland Paris that we enjoyed but we definitely couldn't afford to go back to Orlando. And then I'm reading theDibb early one Saturday morning. And people are booking flights to California for £300. That sounds interesting. I take a look but I don't know what California will cost once we get there. So o think no.
And then someone says Orlando via NYC is going cheap. And I'm hooked. I'm a bit of an Orlando addict and I just couldn't say no. I text Phil who was at the rink. Obviously he says book it. He's as bad as me.
Before he skating session is booked we are going to Orlando via New York. 2 nights in NYC and 2 weeks car hire booked in Orlando for a 3 week trip. I always think the air fare is so expensive might as well go for 3 weeks. As if we can live on air while we are there. Still we will make it happen. Somehow…

After booking it. And our DVC accommodation I didn't give it much mor thought until park ticket prices dropped for the 2 week tickets. So much that we decided we couldn't justify 3 week ones. So a little rejig of the plan was required. We rejigged a few times and so we've ended up with a bit of a mishmash but I'm sure it will work.
We are starting in New York City for 2 nights ((with hindsight I'd have booked 3). and then fly down to Orlando. 2 nights in SsR with no car or park tickets. We will chill at the pool or venture to Disney Springs. I'm actually looking forward to it and wish it was longer.
3 nights at the Rosen Inn to visit Universal Studios. A very last minute addition to the plan. And then back to our favourite the Boardwalk for 12 nights and the final 2 nights at AKL.

Not much set in stone. Tickets to Aladdin in NYC and meeting my friend from Uni on our last night.

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