Day 7 – Shopping

We had a lazy morning. We planned on breakfast at IHOP, Premium outlets and an evening at Islands of Adventure.
IHOP was directly across the road from our hotel so easy enough to find. We had to wait a short while for a table but not too long. It's overcast today and a bit drizzly. Quite cool although shorts and a t-shirt is still comfortable.
We order pancakes all round. Coffees and Hot Chocolate.

It's pretty good. Nothing earth shattering but you can't beat pancakes and sausage.

After breakfast we head upto the Premium outlets. This was only planned as a short visit but we have quite a few shops we want to visit and it ends up taking most of the afternoon. First stop was the Disney store. I got a phone case for $6.99 which I was pleased with.
Then new shoes for everyone in RackRoom shoes. It's always but one get one half price so the key is to match up the shoes in similar price bands. Molly and Phil got trainers, Katie some vans and I got Sketchers sandals which may prove useful if it keeps raining!

We found Vera Bradley where we bought some lovely new bags.

And then I went into Lane Bryant for work trousers. I buy them every trip and I've been desperate for a new pair. They had $25 off trousers so they were $25 instead if $50.

While I was buying boring trousers Molly was investing heavily in pocket pacs.
She will have the cleanest hands in school!

I checked out the Ugg store but didn't see any real bargains, and we had one final stop in Victoria Secret. This place was like a jumble sale. Massive bins of bras $2.99. Considering they are at least £20 it was worth a rummage through which is what you had to do. Lots they didn't like but both girls found 3 sports bras for $2.99 each do we were pleased with that.

On the way out we spotted leggings so Molly chose a pair for her birthday, and then we walked out to the rain. Now sensible people were standing under cover waiting but we aren't sensible so we ran for it. And got rather wet.
We decided not to go to Islands of Adventure. It was 4:30 and we were a bit damp. So we've retreated to our hotel room and will go out for a meal later. We will go to IoA tomorrow instead.

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